Brann + Sire Must be Corrected

Its disgusting and covers all the weakness of Druid.
ONLY Druid can pull this off with super super consistency.

Two neutral cards like these might as well become Druid legendary.


There was a time when those two cards were used by ALL classes. Be grateful only Druid can use them now.

I’m sure you’re wrong.

I have yet to see a druid playng this against me. It’s always the token aggro variant, or they die before turn 8.

If a druid is able to pull off a 13-mana play… the druid has every right.

i losed 5 games from denath yesterday i had the board … until turn 10

In this iteration of Hearthstone expect to die before turn 10. Dying on turn 10 is actually an example of a longer match.


You said this as if having 13 mana for a druid is something hard to achieve


In standard it takes the druid time to reach 13 mana. And usually that is not when the druid uses this combo because their past turns weren’t spent sacrificing minions but rather ramping. By the time Brann and Denathrius are used and you lose to that well good game. You will die to other methods of winning far faster than that. Where are the complaints against Naga Priest? Beast Hunter? Enrage Warrior? Imp Curse Warlock?

No this is not a problem.


It’s basically the same result as quest priest except for the fact that quest priest is not playable and way harder to pull off. Not everyone is playing those pepega Aggro decks that end the game on turn 6 one way or the other. It’s always nice to have at least some games that go past turn 10-12 and don’t end in an otk. But I guess everyone enjoys the game differently.

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I have to agree here, having 13 mana for druid is ridiculously easy to pull, it’s not like you have to pull some crazy combo, all you need to do is play guff.

Greed Druids in the late game are almost unbeatable.

That being said, thief rogue is more annoying to play against IMO.


It doesn’t cover their weakness. Their weakness is aggro.

Trying to play a 13 mana combo isn’t going to do anything about Olgra hitting face for 10 and killing all the Spreading Plague scarabs, many turns before that. Or Naga Priest putting down an enormous Kirian and smacking them for a ton of damage.


you need to tell that to ramp druid losing to imp warlock naga priest aggro druid murloc shaman seems these druid players havent figured out how to use those cards to counter the class weakness yet


▀▀▀▀▀ Sire must be corrected.

It gives druid a way to close out a game when normally they’d need to rely on board pressure of some kind.

Then there’s all the hard removal druid has now. Why does a class that can ramp for 4 mana by turn 8 get to have hard removal? It’s completely throwing off the game’s balance.

That’s not even getting into how Druid has a second totally viable (more viable) meta deck in aggro druid, which has completely no responsive turn 2 plays that Blizzard stopped putting into the game like 7 years ago. Hope you have an answer to Irondeep Trogg. Or you just lose on turn 2.


Bro, seriously, it’s as if you’re talking to people who do not play the game and/or never played vs guff druid.

Druid ramps to 7 mana, then plays scale, clears you board, then plays guff, then scale again to clear your board, then 10/10 taunt or devourer to clear your board or that swarm of 1/5 minions, then brann-sire D for 40+ damage. It’s easy, it’s consistent, it works, that is why this deck is number one in popularity.

You’re making it sound as if druid is sitting there passing turns letting you do whatever you want till he has enough mana for brann - sire D.


That does not work against the decks they mentioned, their boards are way too wide and way too tall for Druid to answer it with Scale of Onyxia on turn 5-6. But it just basically means the entire game is super polarized because druid has no early game answers to compensate for their INSANE late game greed.

Ramp Druid is tier 3.

Druid loses to a specific deck but basicaly can win versus everything else i think this is what kibler says i am not sure.
Some matchups are very polarised in this meta.
That being said i do agree if druid is allowed to just ramp you most likely will lose.
I Think guff has always been the problem if you look at druid with no guff they just fall under pressure its abit more beatable now though.

I think they will probably nerf denathrious but they want to give dk players the chance to play sire with dk which is fair.


say hello to big spell mage.