Bot Odd Warriors

So what’s being done about accounts like the one I just faced named [Removed by mod] that are obviously not even present for the match. They’re using something to keep clicking between their hero portrait and the hero power, so as not to get disconnected from the match, despite wasting the time of anyone running into said bot?


I just had the same thing happen during a ranked match against a warrior.
It is obvious they were not present during the match and I could only see the “clicking” between the hero power and portrait.
I took screenshots and video during the match.
I even let my side of board fill with low cost minions and it was still the same “bot” type actions with the “clicking” and letting rope burn every turn.
My next step will be to forward the information to Blizzard in hope they will take care of this problem.
Yes, It was a “free win” for me, but why allow this obvious “botting” to happen?

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Came her looking for bot report feature. Playing against one right now. Cleverly named [Removed by mod]. It’s broken as hell too or really poorly coded. It is moving its “finger” over the same two cards in the same repetition, then it hits Hero Power and waits to rope out. Every other turn it hits End so it won’t get booted. Rince, repeat.

This is Casual and I’m just trying to do the Corrupt quest.

Howdy y’all,

To file a detailed report about these situations, please email and include any videos and screenshots that you may have.

Player: [Removed by mod] confirmed Odd Warrior Botting
report if you come across him

I found a bot clicked “between hero powers and portraits only.”
I took screenshots and videos during the race.
Its name is [Removed by mod].
Waste a lot of time waiting for the time to expire every turn.
Hopefully Blizzard will tackle this issue

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I just encountered [Removed by mod] for the second time. So silly lol.

Just had the same incounter with “[Removed by mod]” Why cant I just click report like in any other game?


[Removed by mod] 2/21/2021 4:23pm mountain Only hits the armor button

Add another vote for Fingerbox here. Just did a search to try to work out whether the name was a streamer doing weird memes or something, because they were roping and not playing cards. Instead I found this thread with reports from over an entire month. Wow. How are they still active? I don’t need free wins, I want good games.


Finger box is still out there. Really annoying . Please kick him off Blizzard!!!

it’s not really a hacking program or the like. I encountered it in many games and I know various methods how they are doing it and why they are doing it.
They are either using a program to “record” their mouse movement. the pixel by pixel and all line up perfectly in a timed loop set on infinite playback of clicking the same area on screen and dragging on the field (dragging the card onto the field), and using the hero power and finishing the loop off with clicking where the confirm button is to start the next match.
The reason for players doing this is to abuse the mechanics of the tavern pass.
winning a game gives points and so does losing the game too. since winning gives more points, the key idea is to delay the game so the opponent gives up which increases the points they gain.
there are many methods blizzard can do to counter it. one such is by detecting such repetitive automated movements to counter the mouse recorders or more likely revamping how experience acquisition of the tavern pass works to prevent such methods from being positively abused.

Anyone just posting in this (or other) threads is eating their time. Report through official channels.

yap i also met the same bot, keeps clicking the hero power and ropes every turn

accounts name: “[Removed by mod]”

Did you report them through the official channels?

there is no ingame report option so forum is the only thing i can do

There is a sticky thread at the top of this section that describes exactly how to report botters. And anyone else using any sort of exploit. Naming them in a post is actually against the ToU. Though blizzard doesn’t read these posts so they don’t care who gets named.

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How is this exploit still not fixed. This is still used non-stop by warrior bots.

Are you reporting them when it happens? If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. :blush:

As mentioned, please avoid listing player names here and report them by emailing

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