Boar priest is cancer

why do these non-games still exist?


If you’re losing to Boar Priest you must be playing the greediest deck in existence. It’s not a good deck.


Why did you use the word “cancer”?


So basically you lost to Boar Priest.

Rule #1: Don’t kill the boars.

Rule #2: Immediately go aggro.

I won against a Boar Priest yesterday. He received his special weapon, & then conceded because he couldn’t stop the minions I already had on board from doing lethal damage.

He was playing a greedy deck but failed to realize what his opponent was playing and was taken by complete surprise.

I wonder if he was playing a priest himself too

Your deck is so slow that it lost to one of the worst decks in the entire game? The deck is so bad that I win every time even if they get the sword because the sword only does 15 damage when it equips.

That was my initial assumption.

Boar Priest was tier 2 before the patch (or high tier 3 at the very least)
I kill them a lot of times with my QL Fel DH , but calling it the “worst” deck in the game is kinda really idiotic when it was being played in top legend pre-patch


Being “played” at top legend means absolutely nothing. It has never had a positive win rate and never will.

The deck is literal gutter tier garbage (but fun to play).

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Boar Priest is nothing more than a meme deck. The tradeable viper that destroys a weapon is good for 3 reasons:
1: You can trade it out if you don’t need it
2: Destroys The Immovable Object
3: Destroys the Sword of a Thousand Truths
Also, the boars are just 1/1s. Don’t trade into them, as they are just 1/1s until the sword comes out. Just go face with everything, your opponent will have so many ressurects and copy summoning cards that they won’t be able to heal up enough to stop you.

Actually it is a good deck but has a high skil cap.

you lost to this? how?

Yeah, it’s not a good deck but I do agree the play patterns are toxic, IMO obviously. Part of my position on this has always revolved around the absolutely terrible experience new players have when they face gimmicky decks like this, regardless of power level.

It depends on how you define “good”. I’ve played about 100 games with Boar Priest and I’d consider myself “good” with it. I could literally play any other T1-3 deck and have a better winrate though.

You really cant decide if a deck is good based on how you did with it, i mean no disrespect but you get my point right.

It’s actually a bad deck with a high skill ceiling.

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I lost today to boar hunter, who completed the combo on turn 8.
It probably highrolled hard, since it discovered 2x boars and had 2x spells that forced the boar to attack and put them back in hand.

It felt strange to have the viper in hand but being unable to play it :joy:
I don’t know if the mechanic needs a nerf, but boar decks seems more viable now that aggro isn’t the only available choice

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Or it’s a bad deck in general except against very specific match ups that only someone in the higher ranks can expect to consistently run into. Much like how most of the Priest decks end up in high ranks, it’s just a counter.

It doesn’t though does it? You’re at 1 mana.