Blizzard is buffing cards


I remember being surprised it does. Could be solo adventure though.


There is absolutely nothing interesting about that.

At all.

OTK decks that can be pulled that early should not exist. This is just another proof they don’t test their stuff.


Interesting was more sarcasm than actual interest. Yes it can be pulled early, the problem is it won’t be very consistent…if you don’t draw Snippy then you can’t combo…and you still need the other 2 cards. Sometimes it will happen on 4…but then you can just kill them with murloc shaman or a variety of other things. Now, if you can squeeze it into an innerfire / wall priest kind of build…that could be a problem.


If the card was discounted by a one-term effect, then the copy generated by Echo will be at normal cost.
But if there is a permanent aura that discounts that card (such as Mechwarper discounting all mechs, or Reckless Experimenter discounting all deathrattle minions), then the copies will be affected too.


I am glad there buffing cards, its harder to do then nerfs but can help balance the meta by potentially making new decks viable.

So many cards exist but just never get used because they are under powered.


Great job Blizz, now keep up the tempo and fix the rest of it.


Does anyone know when the buffs will go live? Is it 3June like the arena?


think its going live right now tbh


Today. Live now! 4 chars

edit: nevermind it’s June 3rd. Nerfs were just today.


ohhhh Jeeez…………………