Blizzard is buffing cards


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This is real. Blizzard is breaking the thought that they can’t and won’t buff cards, and they finally did it.

To keep it short, amazing on you Blizzard. Thank you. Showing that you can do this is amazing.


For anyone who’s interested, here is the official announcement:

Also, while seeing cards getting buffed is exciting, I’m skeptical that this will be a regular thing. Boomsday was in an odd spot, with the exapansion generally feeling quite weak outside of a few cards (like Zilliax) due to the power level of Mammoth decks and Genn/Baku. So while it’s possible we’ll see more cards getting buffed in the future, it’s also possible we won’t see it happen for quite some time.


The also give out another free Legendary called “SN1P-SN4P” with a keyword I’ve never seen before called “Echo”. Do you guys think it will be something similar to “Repeatable this turn”?


Thank you Blizzard! We appreciate the buffs!! Keep it up ! :smiley:


The new legendary has Echo because it’s technically a Boomsday card (and therefore, from the same Standard year as all Echo cards).


I want buffed inspire cards and buffed recruit cards :smiley:


SN1P SN4P needs to have its Deathrattle removed or the 5 drop needs to read 2 less and not 3 or Priest is going to be the new OTK deck. If you leave any Mech on the board and they have the 5 drop that makes Deathrattles 3 mana cheaper but die at the of the turn and SN1P SN4P you are dead. There are also some very sticky mechs so good luck removing every single one.


That’s exactly what it means. The keyword was introduced in Boomsday for repeatable cards, and Blizzard decided not to reuse the keyword in other expansions. But since SN1P-SN5P is officially Boomsday, they can use it here.


Oooh boy, I forgot all about Reckless Experimenter. And they’ll rotate together too. And the 4 mana 3/2 summon 2 Goblin Bombs is a neutral

Not liking the potential here, not at all


I thought Echo was Witchwood?


You are right, it is.
Then I guess Blizzard decided they could reuse the keyword because they’re in sets that will rotate at the same time.


i have all the legendaries they buffed !!! yessss!!!

im so happy for my "never disenchant legendaries "rule


Smart one to go by indeed.


i always thought they would never buff cards because people who disenchanted them would get really pissed off and start asking for the cards to be given to them

its probably only a matter of time for them to start making threads asking for free cards /dust

in playhearsthstone there are already many players asking for refunds for the buffed cards



and most these cards still probably wont be played


It’s the effort that counts.


Storm bringer in Even Shaman in Wild
Turn 5 One Turn Kill for Priest using Sn1p Sn4p
New One Turn Kill for Mech Hunter in wild

This is going to be an interesting meta for a while


Can you explain the OTK’s?


Sure… OTK is one turn kill.

For priest in standard:
Turn 4 play Coppertail Impostor (4/4 stealth mech)
Turn 5 play Reckless Experimentor (discounts Sn1p Sn4p to 0)
Use the magnetic Snip Snap onto the coppertail over and over again until it is buffed up to kill the opponent

The wild one for hunter requires you to get 3 mechwarper into play (can be done various ways without much difficulty…then repeat the magnetic effect on snip snap as above)


Yea I know lol

Oh alright. At the time I didn’t know the Sn1p-Sn4p one and still didn’t know the Hunter one. Same thing tho.

Also I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure discounts don’t persist on Echo cards. Unless they do, I wanna be corrected on it.