Biggest problem casual players face in HS

For a person who doesn’t have at least 2 hours a day to play this game like I assume there must be some who do this game has one major flaw.

That being the seasons are only worth playing for at best half the season.

I start out at 0 MMR like everyone else in bg’s and once I hit 6000 I can still play sure, but good luck progressing anymore once you hit 6000 as a casual player.

I start out at bronze in ranked play and once I hit silver 5 I can still play sure, but good luck getting to gold 10. Not impossible, but just really unlikely without more time commitment.

Honestly it makes the game lame. Same reason I started hating WoW. Either raid 5 nights a week or just suck.


My biggest issue is playing the decks designed to just test your patience. Those battles take too long for someone who is only playing casually. Anytime I am up against a war deck that wants to just throw down taunt minions, stack AC, and nest I just concede and move on, its to slow and boring to play that way. For the life of me I cant understand how that playstyle is enjoyable for anyone.

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It’s not that bad, but it can be a bit of a mind job.

You need to go to the deck sites and pick out a meta deck. They’re not all expensive, some manage to be effective while having as few as one or two Legendaries and not costing a lot of dust.

Once you have an effective deck, just be patient and play the game. It’s more of a mind game than anything else, because hitting Legend (or any rank) doesn’t actually give you that stellar of a reward at all. If you drop 20 bucks on a Battle Pass, you’ll get WAY more rewards just doing dailies and weeklies – even if you lose a lot of games – than you ever will from hitting Legend.

That’s the mind job: you can easily get discouraged from not being able to climb in Ranked, but the Rank itself means basically nothing. If you keep going, even with the losses taken into account, you’ll get the whole Battle Pass from doing weeklies and dailies all the time. Whereas if you get discouraged, you won’t do the weeklies and dailies, and you’ll lose a LOT more rewards.

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Being casual and trying to play like a poor person is your problem. This is a luxury product. If ypu cant afford then dont play.

Yeah its def pay to win once you advance far enough, that and dumb luck.

Comparatively speaking - if you were a golfer that played 10 times a year socially would you expect to compete with a player who golfs 100 times per year and practices at a range weekly?
Would your enjoyment of the game be ruined when you played that person and they won handily? They dedicate time and money and effort to being great. You dedicate to casually having fun while playing for your enjoyment. Should you not enjoy that game for the fact you like to play?
If you would prefer to quit because others are better at it or can spend more time playing - then it’s not something to waste your time with. If a game (or sport) were so unchallenging as to be mastered by all with no effort (whether that effort is through training, play or time/money investment) then there would be no games.
Not everyone plays for the championship.
As a player of startling mediocrity and occasional regular play - I can safely say I play to do as best I can. I’m not buying into a definition of where others think I should be to be defined as good because our investment rulers are all different. I shouldn’t win over the dedicated player who researches, experiments and devotes hours. I’m grabbing minutes in a day to play so 6500 in BGs, gold 5 - all fair. Its only a comparison to my achievement level at 15-20 minutes play a day from the prior season

That golfer has skill though,hearthstone is pay to win blowhards being thrown in with casual for fun players. This is meta deck slaves spending their money to take advantage of whatever window exists for the OP decks before nerfs. Have you not figured out how this game works yet? Release a bunch of unbalanced cards to drive sales for “hardcore” players until casuals stop playing, then nerf unbalanced cards to bring back the casuals who got frustrated, rinse and repeat. Oh and mix in there somewhere design the cards to play in such a way that these hardcore guys spending money on packs attribute the advantage to “skill” and “research”.

Your comparison would more be like rich kids with low skill level winning golf games because they bought equipment that plays for them.

They should have a non pay to win option where you can only use cards earned from playing.

bg’s pretty much. and if you make 6k in bg’s you have won, after that point is just how much you won by.

But if they had a mode where you can only use cards from daily packs/quest packs. what about cards brought with gold, what about cards created from disenchanted packs.

Even they you would have someone saying I only play 1 hour a week he must play 40 hours a week to have so many cards.

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