keeps asking for UAC permissions when launched

Is it the case or just me that keeps requesting UAC (windows user account control, program preventing unwanted apps from running) permissions when launched?

It happends every 15 minutes if I close and run app again, it will ask for UAC permission (that should happen only once after installation).

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YA i cant instal HS 30x per 15min show UAC stuck in update… something is wrong

I actually have hearthstone installed without problem, but pretty much each time I launch naturally (for example I want to relog into HS(launcher closes when the game starts) it asks for UAC permisson, which is annoying.

Any fix? Was it an installation glitch?

So I tried to reinstall and it didn’t work.
I noticed one interesting thing tho. Back when I reinstalled previous time, there were leftovers in programdata and appdata/local. one of them contained 3 folders, another 2.

Now its 2 and 2 folders, which means one is missing, which was probably called “battle net helper”. also there was a program “ admin agent”, now there is not.

Sad that no “blue” will read nor answer this. Im curious, maybe this can help them in the future too?

Same issue here, I am from Mexico and this started since a couple of days back.

Looking at the details of the pop up, looks like is a file in C:/ProgramData folder.