BattleGrounds - this is the worst it has been for a time

You know how you can tell? Because you can look at the last time I posted here.

There have been minor issues, I am not suggesting it has been “perfect” but these were minor.

The introduction of the new buddies - it has just made the game awful.

I don’t know what you were thinking but please take them out.

Give us the quests back - they had their issues, but they weren’t this bad.


and when quests eventually get added again well see “bring buddies back” posts


Did I post then?

No, so irrelevant.

I am in a game now, it is turn 7, there are 3 people left.

Do you understand? That is how bad it is, I know your fanboi’ism is hard to overcome -but this is not an enjoyable experience that is clearly being demonstrated.

And look, you don’t need to take my word for it, and frankly, I don’t really care what you think - Blizzard has the metrics, they can see the quit rate and I would be extraordinarily surprised if it has not spiked.


No, you won’t.

Buddies is awful. It’s so imbalanced based on the buddies as to be unplayable outside of a few of the heroes.

Seems like you aren’t really familiar with the mode enough to understand what people are upset about.

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Basic BG is good - Buddies and Quests are changing the game idea drastically. That’s the problem.


Balanced or not, the game is difficult/stressful enough, especially with time management, without having to worry about another expense that may or may not deep six your entire build if it isn’t played precisely. At least for an old fart like me.


I dont think even 1 game this week I had that. I think I had 4 leave maybe a month ago.

What Rank are you btw?

Personally I like buddies, if they swap back to quests in 3-6 months I wont be upset, I do think they could have done a better job of balancing,

Old rule, if you don’t like any hero, a hero with zero armor is probably good.

new rule if a hero has 20 armor its a total dog.

I have not seen that many people quit a game for literally years, I thought hard about it - and I have definitely seen it before - but we are talking years ago.

I think 1 in every 2 games I actually play a game with a fully lobby. Every other game, someone has quit.

I did 23 damage to someone and when I looked at the turn counter, it said Turn 8 - which surprised me because I thought they put in place that even if someone quits, you can’t do more than 15 before Turn 10 but I definitely did 23 damage and it was 100% Turn 8.

Is that because more than 1 person quit? Does it stop working if 2 people quit?

And now the rolls are crazy. I don’t mind buddys, obviously they’re not balanced, but it’s so frustrating how other players have so much luck with rolls.

I was playing Lady Vashj and why do I need her buddy if there’s no single naga with spellcraft? I was just spending gold on rolls hoping that I will finally see some useful cards. Yea, my bad, I should play demons and ignore my useless buddy. Anyway I would be behind others since they had benefits using their buddies.

Just right now I was playing against Jandice, she had 4 lvl tavern all game, just did 5 lvl before the final fight. And yet somehow she managed to have golden Brann and murlocs with 300/200 stats. I was playing Curator and I had 6lvl tavern, yet I was receiving some mixed weak battlecries, I had 1 Brann. And I upgraded tavern to lvl 5 very fast.

And all games are like that for me since that patch. You think you have acceptable rolls at the tavern, but then you fight with another player and he has crazy stats on magmaloc, with 4 lvl tavern. Or suddenly someone has Theotar and strong minions yet the tavern gives you so useless cards that you don’t know what you can do with that. I like to play mixed minions and I never managed to get Theotar from gold minion and have some fun afterwards. If I get him I loose in the next 2 matches, because I’m behind everyone since I was trying to make gold buddy on 5lvl tavern so I could get something valuable from lvl 6. And I love when I get this funny undead beast with battlecry from tier 5, yet another gets magmaloc or are able to make golden Brann just from making 3 golden minions.

Battleground tavern rolls were super random even before but right now it’s crazy how you can loose on 7 turn with really good hero. I saw some post that it started to be P2W, because you can choose between 4 heroes, but no. I got battlepass and it doesn’t matter. What does matter if you have luck or not in the tavern and most of the time you won’t have it. So who has it? Yea, some days I loose all day, some days I can be in first 4 all day. What’s the point? Can’t it be mixed? The same issue was in Hots and now in Overwatch. I stopped playing hots long time ago, now I’m only doing daily quests in OW. You can’t play and have fun anymore.

The best part is when it offers you dragons at the beginning, then you won’t see anything worth for dragons and you start to see nagas, but hey, don’t play them, we won’t give you nice spellcrafts, because at 5lvl tavern we will start to give you amazing murlocs. I know, it’s battleground, it’s random or maybe there’s some secret I don’t know about. Still this kind of thing is killing this mode. You can’t do anything, your skills doesn’t matter, if the game want you to win, you win.

Now I finished match playing Chenvaala. At 7 turn I got Nomi. I said to myself, if I loose this match it’s time to stop playing this sht. I got 2 elementals each turn thanks to buddy, I got Ragnaros, I was in front of everyone with tavern upgrade, yet Reno with 2 anubs, 2 handless ladies, golden titus, colossus and with one more minion beat me like minced meat. Thanks to this handless forsaken. I would give undead some minion with battlecry “give another undead reborn”, because they lack of it. I thought maybe this time I will be the lucky one. It’s time to spend time on more pleasant things.

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Dont waste your time answering to him, this guy literally sits here all day, doing the White knight of Blizzard, without even being paid for it.

Its turn 10 or someone dead/quit

You lost as in 8th? or 5th to 8th or just not 1st?. I dont know what you did wrong or just unlucky, but chenvaala and elementals is normally 1st to 4th for me.

I had 4th place. I know game says it’s a win, but for me it’s like a loose. Sorry, but getting Nomi so fast and having elementals every turn it should be obvious to have 1st place.


Already know that the game will send me back down to 5k mmr today as It’s giving me total garbage for cards.

My man you gotta chill

Turn 8 is when you get 10 gold, and that’s when it expires.

New rule is the later of whenever someone dies/leaves or 10 gold.

Beginning dragons are awful. This is called bait.

You take them if they are the only thing there, but you’re looking to dump them for something better as soon as you can do it without losing tempo. There are only a couple dragons that are relevant to the meta, and none of them are on early tiers.

This is true. You can’t really play naga outside of a couple heroes until you get critical T6 naga or your scaling will be too slow and you lack poison to overcome it.

Naga are generally bait, too.

lose. You lose the battleground, you loose the hounds.

Please explain this

Nomi early and eles every turn is pretty good, but how is it a guaranteed win if you in fact lost? What eles were you grabbing? What did you lose to because I assume you lost more than a couple rounds to lose all your health. What was your RNG like during combat? Your opponent’s?

We need stronger dragons! U.U

I’d love some Dragons and I’d love for Beasts to get reworked. Frogs have run their course imo.