Battlegrounds portion of the patch

Continuing the discussion from 25.2.1 Patch Notes:
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  • Wasteland Assassin and Devourer of Souls have been removed from the Professor Putricide Hero Power pools. Possessive Banshee, Handless Forsaken, and a new minion, Cursed Shadow, are being added to the Hero Power pools.
  • Cursed Shadow is a Tier 5, 7/5 Undead with Stealth.
  • Dev Comment: Cursed Shadow is only being added to the Professor Putricide Hero Power pool, not the general Minion Pool.

Truly makes you wonder if they even play tested the new hero and his creations before releasing it, also the lack of quests makes the game feel less appealing.

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Testing? Listening to testers?

I think you might be talking about a different company entirely.

“We didn’t see this coming” is code for “we were warned repeatedly about this in testing and chose to ignore it…in alpha, beta, and PTR.”

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Small company like this can’t afford to hire people to test things.

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