Battlegrounds Crashing

Almost without fail, if I last long enough in a game of battlegrounds, the client closes itself. This issue has persisted over several patches.


Thank you for reporting this! For a few weeks I was experiencing it any time I made it to the top 4. Now I’m mostly getting it in the top 2 so it’s gotten a little better.

When it first started happening, which has been about a month, I opened the task manager to see what the memory usage was. When I first launch Hearthstone, it’s at 1GB for the task. Slowly creeps up during the Battlegrounds match. Once it reaches 2GB, things get unstable (animations get laggy). The most I’ve seen it hit is 3GB, at which point it will crash. Usually crashes between 2-2.5GB of memory usage. Once either the Battlegrounds game ends, or I restart the client, it goes back to 1GB.

I don’t think the amount of cache space necessary to play the game would result in this much of an increase, so perhaps it’s related to animation effects not being cleaned up properly? I’ve noticed that in games with many animations (ex. leapfrog with baron, pirates with eliza and khadgar), it will reliably crash.

My PC has 8GB RAM. I don’t think that’s particularly underspec’ed, at least according to the system requirements page on the website (min 3, recommended 4).

I hope this information is helpful!

I’m having the exact same issue.

Intel(R) Core™ i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.50 GHz
12.0 GB (11.8 GB usable)

Windows 11 Home

game crashes rather reliably in any game where I get into the top for, the longer it goes on the higher the probability of a crash. Recent addition to the bug… if the client itself crashes i have repeated disconnects on reentering the game, it will not reconnect to that game in any meaningful way. If I close the client myself, this seems not to be an issue.

I have tried dumping the cache, repairing hearthstone install, deleting and reinstalling both hearthstone and I regularly check my drivers and for system updates, and I have few other programs installed on my machine. Its basically just windows, chrome, discord, and hearthstone.

i play in windowed mode.

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+1 same problem, mac os catalina.


Intel core i3
4gb ram
Windows 10 fully updated
Drivers updated
Scan repair and reinstallation done

Having same issue

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Having the same issue and it’s really annoying!

I’ve had a few games where I was in first position and with very good chances for winning and the game just crashes…

Anyone found any solutions for this?

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