Battlegrounds broken?

Just watching the wheel spin.

currently at time of writing:

Wait time : ~17-34 mins
Time in queue: 17 mins

Every minute that passes the wait increments, it’s now 18 -36, 18 in queue

update: 11:32pm est: 30m-60m wait. 38m in queue
Update 2: 11:45 booted me at 50 minutes in queue, 48-60 minutes wait time.

-Then I got in instant, another 48 minutes wasted for nothing. Oh yeah, I’ll buy packs for this game now.

** if support wants I can setup a twitch stream of it.

Don’t wait longer than a minute or two. Whenever it seems like it’s taking too long, there’s probably been a disconnect somewhere. It happens to me sometimes, and if I restart Hearthstone it shows that I’m already in a game of battlegrounds, hopefully with enough time to play the first turn with whatever hero the game chose for me while I was disconnected.

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this happens all the time to me lmao. Every few matches i gotta “Reconnect to hearthstone” it says… Dont ever really have to close the client as the this is one of the few reconnect buttons that seems to actually work lol.

I wouldnt worry too much about it unless restarting doesnt do anything.

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