Battlegrounds are rigged

Prove me wrong.

It doesn’t matter which race I choose to play. The bots counter me by picking my choice of a race. So I end up playing versus three, four or five other players with the same race in the end game.

How do I know this?

From experience. Because I’ve been playing this game since Day 1, those ten years ago.

I tested this multiple times by switching my race mid-game. The end result is the same.


They ENTIRE game is rigged (just in different ways)…

Game is old, and anyone who keeps spending money on it well that is up to them, but not to bright in my opinion.


You’re so bored, bro

Not necessary because you are absolutely right.

Exactly. Everyone who plays the game and is not feeble-minded can see that the game is rigged in many aspects.


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