Battleground: End of turn button


could we please add to the Battlegrounds the “End of Turn” button ?
I was thinking about this for some time, and it is frustrating to just sit there after i done all my actions in turn and have to wait another f.e. 40 seconds to get to the fight.

Would work as follows : when i am finished and so other players, i would hit the “End of Turn” button. When everybody has done that, then the battle will commence, without the need to wait till the timer finishes on his own.

As far as i am concerned this would be a nice functionality to the battlegrounds. Would also speed up games.
There is the possibility that people wont press the button and you still will have to wait, but if we have this button in normal games, why not here.

This is why we can’t have it. It would likely cause greater player frustration than the current system. We already get too many posts on the forums complaining about “ropers” in traditional Hearthstone

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The turns are already too short most of the time anyways. Why would you want shorter ones?

It would only work if all 8 players hit the button early. Lets say you’re player A, and your next opponent is player B.

Its round 1. You have 3 mana. You buy a minion, play it and quickly hit “end turn”.
Player B does the same. No-one else does.

Your battle with player B concludes before the other battles even start, but now, you and player B have to wait for the other round 1 battles to start, finish AND for all players to decide what they are doing in round 2 before you can battle again. This just means a longer waiting time going into the next round.

So, unless everyone hits “end turn” early, you will always be waiting for someone’s rope to burn out.

The alternative for this would be for quicker players to start round 2 before round 1 is concluded. But that can’t happen for obvious reasons.

I guess it might help in the vary late stages of the game when only 2 or 3 players are left, but while I often have to wait for the rope in early rounds, during later rounds when there is much more to do, I need all the time I can get. You only need 1 player to be in that situation, and the end turn button is useless.

I guess that isn’t a reason for Blizzard NOT to put in an end turn button, but it is a reason why such a move is likely to be no help to anyone.

Also… you know someone will rope. Just because they can…

Because, in normal games, only one player is ever playing at any one time.

I’m afraid the only change would be posts like these will go from “We need the button” to “People are trolling and not pressing the button” whether that’s a fact or not

Not to mention, a lot of the time the length of the Recruit phase has to do with how long the previous Battle phases went. Undead Reborns or the OG Secret Buddy comp for example.

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I think this would be a great idea, especially for early turns where there’s barely anything to do.