Battle bash - Get access not received

Hello guys, I’ve purchased battle bash for battlegrounds, the purchase is complete but I still don’t have access, and the store provided me get the purchase again.


Im experiencing the same issue

Having the same issue. Repair does not work. A friend of mine also has the same

Same problem here. The hammer button is not display

Screenshot below

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After initial hammer use, the game stipulates that you must finish in the Top 4 in order to get more hammers, yet since I’ve place in Top 4 several times and haven’t received any more. I even tried tapping the Get Access button after which the game says I already have this access. Still waiting. Also the Hammer button on the main Battlegrounds page has never gone higher than zero.

blizzard wtf u doing, i made a ticket about this 4 days ago. We pay loads of money for your games and you can’t even answer your playerbase, WTF…


Same! The “hammer count” has never passed the zero after every win. I hope blizzard will do something…

Same here, just finished 2nd place, top 4 in Battlegrounds, and still never receive any new hammer to bash. Pls advise, thanks in advance.

Same here, placed top 4 several times but nothing has happened…
Blizzard come up with new ways to make money but not help the player experience.

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