Azurite Snake is obviously completely broken

Obviously that is broken. Whomever gets there’s out first wins. No real point in doing anything but concede when that hits the table.


you are just bad at the game

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This game is trash and blizzard forgot that now their games are microsoft tag so it insults microsoft with trash games.

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lol, yea thats probably it.

Agreed. It is completely broken. There is no hard counter, unless you have trapdoor spiders or counterspells. In either case, all attempts to prevent the Azurite snake from being casted multiple times can easily be avoided.

Suggestion change: Instead of stealing 10 health, have it do 10 damage. In addition, jack up the price to 8 or 10.

Dirtyrat or theo could also get it, its obviously not guaranteed or if you play Reno, you might not even have them in hand.
Some players even put dirtyrat 2. In ETC if they are playing highlander.

Everything is broken and these morons just keep ignoring us.

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just look forward to when this team is given the pink slips and we get a team of devs who actually play test there game and make cards instead of throwing darts at a board to see what sticks and then come up with some half-baked video or annocement no one really cares about cause they think it will sell. so then only the youtubers who think they are cool and brain-deads who are die hard hearthstoners will buy there crap expansions.

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