Azerite Snake + Alexstrasza interaction

I think I found an unintended behaviour.
If you play Alexstrasza on an hero whose maximum health has been reduced by the effect of Azerite Snake, instead of setting the health to 15 (like it would when your health is reduced by cards like Majordomo Executus) it instead sets it to 15 minus the amount removed by the snake, for example if 2 snakes have been played the health would become 1. I don’t think this is intended as it would be able to create some weird OTKs both in standard and wild.

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If you can play Alexstrasza and two Azerite Snakes in one turn, then you were going to win no matter what…

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Yeah OTK isn’t the right word but I think you know what I meant.

Playing 3 snakes throughout the game means that at any moment they can drop Alexstrasza and kill their opponent on the spot.
The bug abuse doesn’t require to play everything on the same turn.
If you play 3 azerite snakes against a DK, but they increase their max health by 25, instead of resetting them to 15 you just kill them

Here a replay of killing with that bug :

I did some other tests, if you bring your health above 30 (I tried with Maw and Paw, but I think it would work the same with Primus, Vampiric Blood and other similar cards) Alexstrasza works as intended disregarding the number of snakes played.

But did you test that in a game where your health also got reduced by the snake ?

In short yes, but I increased my health after the last snake was played, then Alex behaved normally. Maybe the order of operations is important, I’m curious to see what happens if I increase my health and then reduce it with the snake before dropping Alexstrasza, I’ll try to test again when I have the time.