As it concerns dusting

I too like many received some dust that was taken back. But I’m not upset about it as I don’t think it was really meant to be mine anyways. I do feel for those who lost additional dust for some reason. Are we to expect them to try this again at some point with some fix? Should I try to dust some cards now or should I just wait?


I would thank that those who lost dust did what I did. We got 1 card. Than when it was taken away, it removed what was already in our dust savings for the card not what they gave us.

I got a card because I saw the dust and thought I can finally get the card I was saving for. I did see some one else on the forums who was complaining about losing dust did say they bought one card.

There is absolutely no evidence that anyone lost dust. Take a listen to the most recent coin concede podcast for details.
Lots of people saying they lost additional dust, but no proof.

I am saying they used dust and then they are now saying they lost the dust they had before.

Edit: although I have not tested to see if even though it shows 0 dust that it is not in the negatives.

There is no log of dust transactions, so unless someone routinely screen shots their dust, how exactly would you expect them to “prove” anything to your satisfaction?

The converse is also true, that blizzard has provided no proof that they are correct in what they removed from accounts.

I have twenty dust total after they removed things. I did not craft a single thing.

There’s no way to dispute or fight their claims.


My mistake, My main concern and maybe I should have led with that is what should we do at this point? Wait for slow Blizzard to make another response about a possible round 2 of this but better?

I thought I read that they consider the matter finished. All adjustments have been made and they have moved on.

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