Arena health to 40


Lately, iv’e been facing a lot of aggro decks in arena. This comes from a veteran arena player who builds decks with curves. I love arena. However, lately, Iv’e come to see a ton of aggro decks that do nothing but focus on early curve and face. By the time I can turn the game around, the player has some spell, hero power, or charge card to hit my face and win the game.

This makes games fast, but it does not make games interesting. I almost always play on a curve of 2,3,4. It’s just not fun that im forced to building cheesy decks in order to compete, especially when I play arena for the experimental fun.

I suggest moving the health up to 40 in arena. This will give a player an extra turn or two to turn the game around. In turn, this will create more mid-game decks that focus on trading and building a strategical board to take down the opponent. Not just overwhelming face.

Arena should be a show-case for multiple fun strategies when given random choices. It should NOT be a simplistic version of “who has the best curve”.