Arena gives trash?

I can usually play with any deck vs another with no problems… but the cards i get versus what the opponent gets are drastically different in level. They get quest cards, just today i got hit with a deal 15 damage spell that finished me… really bad odds? I’ll even pick the same character next run i just got destroyed with… seems like i get nothing.

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I have been saying this for the last 6 months…

The bot life cycle:

  1. Bot Ranked for XP that turns into Gold
  2. Buy Arena run, draft a deck
  3. If deck isn’t extreme highroll godlike, retire without playing and go back to 1
  4. Sell account on black market for $1 USD
  5. Buyer plays godlike deck [you are here]
  6. Discard account and never use it again
  7. several days pass uneventfully
  8. Blizzard bans account, brags about it as if they did anything when they didn’t

A fascinating theory that implies people spend money to buy accounts not named XxxButt_DestroyerxxX with no swag on it to play a dead game mode within a dying game. What about the other theories floating around? That the “bots” are just players that got rage reported a thousand times, or the theory that bots are only here so people actually have a chance to climb the ladder vs all the T-bagging druids? Your thoughts?

Pretty much every “thought” in that post is stupid.

The only point that’s halfway true is that Blizzard sometimes bans innocent people due to false reports. This, however, is not common. It’s more like when you try to ban 300,000 bot accounts, if you only mess it up 0.1% of the time then you’re gonna mess it up 300 times. Maybe it’s 1%. I don’t know exactly but I’d say 1 to 10 innocent people are banned for botting every day, on average.