Announcing Voyage to the Sunken City, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion!

Dive into the watery unknown in search of sunken treasures and Colossal adventures.

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Dear and respected Team 5!!!

I want to congratulate You with the new card expansions!!! :milky_way:

Million players waited this a long-awaited and significant moment, when the new card sets will be announced!!! It was the most exciting and worrying moment!!! :+1:

I know that it was the hard work, but this is a real success!!! :stars:

Very impressive ideas and breathtaking themes!!! :boom:

Can’t wait that moment, when we could open new packs and play with new cards!!! :gift:

Wish You a good luck in work and to get an inspiration during the new year!!! :confetti_ball:


Not sure I fully understand the Colossal keyword. Does “Colossal+1” mean it summons one appendage?

The cinematic for the new set is my favorite yet.
I’m really hoping for a lot of new merlocs.
Most of all though, wow, I can’t wait to see how what the elf was singing about in the background of the cinematic plays out in the game. If what she was saying is true, woah boy-howdy are things going to be crazy!

I hope Ozumat is in this one.

Where can I listen to the Hearthstone Crab Rave on repeat?

Yes. This video demonstrates it.

Thank you. You’re a gentleman and a scholar.


After alot of dissapointments coming from the wow team (that made me quit shadowlands a year ago after 15+ years) I must say I absolutely adored the trailer for the new hearthstone expansion. Actually HS is the only blizzard game I still play. Got to give credit where its due. Amazing trailer, actually hyped for this one and I hope you guys release a “full” version of that tune so I can listen to it on loop. /cheer

Hmm, it could be the first time that i’ll pay a pre-order but i’m really hesitant to spend 80€ to have the hero Azshara.
It’s really a lot of money.

On the other hand, the main theme of the upcoming expansion please me as it’s exactly what i wished to see in the 8.2 of WoW:
Nazjatar and Zin’Azshari underwater like Vashj’ir, with the feeling that the Nagas are a real threat.

In term of lore and concept, the Hearthstone team showed that they can come with better stories than the wow team despite being several time shorter than WoW.

I hope that we will have a good story in the adventure mode to flesh out the lore of this expansion.

I hope this new “Blademaster Okani” card will acquire the naga type

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Is there going to be an announcement later that will live up to that “better than their wildest dreams” tweet hype?

Because I’m not seeing it.

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colossal + 7, with the 7th piece being a deathrattle?
Nah, too complicated

A somewhat neutral more delayed version of the iconic hunter tracking card and a neutral counterspell, class identity is really going out of the window with this expansion. I do like hunter tracking though. I also think this expansions looking a bit overtuned already and expect that murlocs will have rush decks that win by turn 4, on some high roll I believe you can already win by turn 4 with murlocs but not so consistently. I don’t think it’ll feel very different from playing the pirate meta, but pure speculation at this point.

3 murlock warlock ? Pitifull. Thx killing classs … ahhhh

Nice expansion. Please give us a wallpaper! tx

Why Arena mode is unvielable in HS naw? Why you don’t inform about arena disable?

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I can’t wait the March 22, when I could start to complete tasks and to get a famous Leeroy Jenkins in my collection!!! :stars:

Also I really want to try out the combination of armor and buddies!!! I think, that it will be interesting to play!!! :boom:

Ambassador Faelin is a really extraordinary person and his cheerful buddy Submersible Chef!!! I have battlegrounds perks and I hope that in next battle I could play with them!!! :+1:

Yesterday I started to complete a legendary quest chain and earned the Tavish hero skin!!! :gift:

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Even grocery stores don’t push spam this hard!


Dear and respected Team 5!!!

I wanted to say thank You for the chance to supplement the collection of heroes!!! :gift:

Today I’m proud of myself because I completed the legendary quest chain and earned skins for the hunter (I mean famous Tavish), popular mercenary Vandar and powerful Brann!!! :trophy:

I think that it will be really amazing if in the future we could participate in the similar events and complete legendary quests, because quests were not difficult and to complete them was very fascinatingly!!! :+1:

This time was very happy for me, because I really enjoy to take part in interesting and limited events!!! :milky_way: