Announcing United in Stormwind, Hearthstone’s Latest Expansion!

United in Stormwind welcomes players into the heart of the Alliance.

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I’m really interested in the tradable mechanic.

Lol, Stormwind as a city of merchants. A bit off putting

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The mechanic is good and there should be more features that allow you select certain cards from your deck

Consider this card:
Neutral minion 1 1/3 Battercry: Spend the rest of your mana and draw a card in your deck with the same cost

I would like to see a card that upgrades everytime you “trade” it



dunno, doesn´t strike me as an exciting place, but new cards are needed so we take what we get.


А почему название карт на польском, а не на русском языке?

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Why does the Russian article have pictures with Polish inscriptions? Is it okay? Where is Poland and where is Russia? In Russia, this is the Russian language. In general, the pictures are absolutely unreadable!

If you didnt have battle pass before, does the pre purchase bundle give u battle pass now and continues forward from the expansion? Or does the battle pass get used and expire before expansion comes and you would have to renew it? Or do you get battle pass after expansion drops until the next expansion after it?

When it will be avaiable? i bought the pre expansion pack two months ago super excited to open my packs

Tuesday 8/3 around 1 pm (eastern standard)

How long do I have to buy the pre-purchase bundles after launch of the set?

the pre release bundle will go away as soon as expansion go live.