Announcing the Crossroads Inn-vitational!

Announcing the Crossroads Inn-vitational!

Who will take home the title of Crossroads Inn-vitational champion?

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so no drops for the viewers? :frowning:


Where is PizzaHS? We need to see more diversity in these events.


Yeah disgusting, same I will not waste my time watching this for nothing…

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There has to be a team leader for each team and it should be the females.
5 pack drops and a hero skin of choice drops or the viewing numbers will be very low

Introduce a team building mini game in HS

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Blizzards… do you realize how much more this game would be played/loved if you let the majority of your players play in something like this? I’ve been playing for a little over a year now and I’ve seen over $1 million in “prize money” be split between the same 30-40 players who get to play in these… while you have 10k+?? playing every day having no shot at every playing in something like this? Why??

I won’t be watching not because I won’t get a free pack or two… I won’t be watching because I think it’s absolutely absurd to run multiple events like this in a year and invite the same players over and over. The majority of this game’s success is from the majority of the players you/we never heard of because they never get to play in these type of events… and that’s just sad.


Apparently this is today, in a half hour.

I’m interested in seeing the nozdormu rounds…does anyone know when that is supposed to be?

They need people that are known to play this game, otherwise who would watch it?

It’s not like “GM tournament”, where also YOU can partecipate if you are good enough (I don’t know the details, but you can).

It will never happen that they will pick some random players and put them in a 1M tournament.

it would be sadder to see people that don’t deserve to be there.

Imagine if your work is playing HS: it would be bad to see a random Johnny that has HS as a hobby playing instead of you in a tournament.
If someone deserves to be in a “for fun tournament”, it should definetly be a streamer that is known by many people.

If you want to make HS tournaments, I am pretty sure you can register to many of them. Don’t expect to be put in a 1M tournament where the lowest price is 10K: you have to “climb the real ladder” like these people did.
Like I don’t expect to be invited to the olympics because I was the fastes in my school

Paladin vs paladin tournament?