Announcing Scholomance Academy – Hearthstone’s Newest Expansion!

Scholomance Academy brings 135 new cards designed to supercharge your matches with arcane splendor and encourage all manner of never-before-seen sorcerous synergies.

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Finally!, a family-friendly Harry Potter’s expansion. That’s what we all asked for.

I wonder if for the solo adventure they will send us to sit at a desk so that the teacher from the academy teaches us how to get a beautiful PEGI-7 white rabbit out of a top hat, and to teach us the different sounds that forest animals make, etc.

All is so educational for “adults” of 7 year old. Thanks Blizzard, you know what we all want to have fun and to waste our money in your game.

SMH… no improvements for low RAM devices
go to h***, blizz

Dual class sounds fun but the first card being a 1 Mana combo discover a mage spell card all I can think of is broken Reno/ quest mage otking and completing combo on t4 and then otking you t6 though while ice blocking and renoing to prevent any interaction while nuking the board for 20 damage and adding 8 spells to their hand with a evocation and sorcerer apprentice and cyclone. Remember when combo decks didn’t kill faster than aggro and have ice block and 0 Mana 32/32 of giants with charge and windfury on t5?

Ice block or Quest mage’s interaction with 0 Mana spells and evocation is just so much. Imo spells should at least have to cost at least 1-2 Mana to trigger quest credit for mage/flamewaker in a meta where evocation + sorc apprentice + 6-8 random spells + time Warp + flamewaker + 0 Mana 8/8 giants exist + elemental innovation Mana cyclone.

Anyone know if you prepurchase the top tier bundle w/ BG, will BG perks be active now? I currently do not have BG perks.

This looks like it’d be a fun expansion but the Spellburst synergies with quest mage literally pulling out 4-8 to 8-16 spells from the air doesn’t look fun at all with quest mage + ice block + twinspell. Thankfully it looks like you guys put in a 1 limit, but all i could think of would be how broken and oppressive it could have been without the limit. The 4 Mana 2/5 deal 2 aoe to all other minions wouldn’t look fun at all in quest or Reno mage if it had no limit. They play that once and you’re never gonna be able to have a board or trade with it. (Phone covered up the text and one time use part) They could put a counter spell with it and you’re screwed until they drop the time Warp and giants and otk you every T6 with two cards in hand and 2-15 ice blocked hp only to drop a 32-76 damage combo t6/9. Can anyone remind me what a T8 looked like again?

Thank god you guys put a limit to one. Im glad my phone was messing up and that those weren’t apparent infinite turn effects. The first thing i thought of when i saw the 2 mana 2/3 return a spell to your hand without a notification of the 1 turn limit was… “… great… now i get to get otked on turn 2 minion + Shock shock shock shock shock shock shock until dead.” That looks much better without the covered text.

Does anyone knows the date when the new expension goes live? Is it around the 1st week of August?

Great trailer and concept. I am hyped!


The last line should read “May thou stand,” not “may thee stand.” Thou is the subject pronoun; thee is the object pronoun (cf. third person “may he stand,” not “may him stand”).

Hire more English majors.

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Finally we can see some Mage Murlocs :wink: