Announcing March of the Lich King, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion!

Announcing March of the Lich King, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion!

The Undead are Reborn under Death Knights’ command in Hearthstone’s biggest expansion yet!

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Prepare for new Demon Hunter era… unbalanced stuff

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Yeah, so it’s finally a Death Knight.

My congratulations to Blizzard team and all players!!!


The Launcher said:
“Tune in to for just 15 minutes of the roughly 30-minute Announcement to earn a free Murder at Castle Nathria pack, but make sure you show up on time because you’ll want to catch the whole show!”
Drops weren’t enabled on twitch and the chat is blowing up.
Can you please update the launcher to explain how the packs will be distributed?


After updating clinet to version, the game is unplayable. I got free legendary card, but the menu in game is dead, means can’t click on nothing or play any ingame format, also shop and everything disappeared.

Same problem here.

20 char

Oh wow, a frozen throne xpac!

Soemthing totally new that they’ve never done before…

oh wait.


I enjoyed this reveal so much! I was able to watch the stream as intended without getting spoiled by titles on video notifications first, they had the silly skits with beautiful props and sets, I like the undead tribe and dual tribes being added, reborn is coming back so I’ll finally be able to use my Paladin quest, everything they’re adding for the new class looks good to me, I’ll be able to buy what I want with gold, and I saw a Phoenix hinted at, love me some glowy elemental fire birds <3

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So no duels updates? Grrrrreeeat. It’s like the devs have forgotten it exists.


They should update card packs to 6 cards. Adding another class further dilutes the card pool, and you now need even more packs to get all cards for “your” class, or all classes for those who play all classes.
But I guess that’s the general idea behind adding more classes.


It would be nice, but they won’t do it without making it scummy, like making golden packs runestones only (instead of having a gold option too) as the non cash option.

But their “$olution” is just to spend more money.


I knew reborn needed to be a permanent keyword. Was expecting it for Priest though, but DK makes even more sense.

Also love the new Rager.

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Please don’t give them ideas? Pretty please? :smiley:

Small indie company.


Why would they help ppl spend less money on packs? That would be against their bottom line.

Hence my “but that would be the general idea” comment in the end…

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qq, people want new content and new content always has balance teething

go play a single player game that doesn’t get patches if you’re this triggered by the nature of service games

I still want a norse god expansion.

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New Keyword manathirst? lol

Wasn’t this basically already a thing with the rank spells that evolve at 5 and 10 mana?

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