Announcing Fractured in Alterac Valley, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion!

It all comes to this—a clash between Horde and Alliance in the snowy battlefield of Alterac Valley.

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The game is now locked behind the Allience-Horde legendary pop up? Are we getting both cards and a golden copy of the chosen one or just the one? And if its the latter, how am i supposed to make my decision with only so few cards revealed so far? Why is there not an option to decide later?


Well gee, read the whole article before you ask silly questions.


If you read the article it’ll answer all your questions. If not, I’ll still be making a video on it.

The gist of which one to pick: if you like aggro fast stats, pick Drek’thar. If you want to live the fantasy of making your expensive minions cheaper, pick Vanndar.

When is Bill Cosby coming?


While I am excited for the new expansion having to choose a card to even be able to play the current patch that impacts everything about the new patch without knowing the full list of cards seems a poor choice on the developers part.


You’ll get both cards in the end anyways, so your choice doesn’t matter.

Dear Blizzard team! I was really surprised when I saw a new card expansion! I waited the information so long time and now I’m very happy! Really want to see rewards from free track and with tavern pass, try new diamond card, try new mechanics! Thank You for new expansion!!! Wish You a good luck and new creative ideas!!!


And it doesn’t works… Again…

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I can’t log in, game says it need an update, but this update is not available in the shop… And oh wait, I’ve just received a text msg saying that my account is blocked…cmon blizz

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I picked Drek’Thar since he is Horde, i tried watching the yt vid, but it was really bad.

I like the snowfall Deathrattle card. More Deathrattle cards.
Hero’s are a great concept and great to see them back.
The keyword is weak and will benefit aggro decks slightly.

Consider these keywords for the next expansion:
Doubletake: when you play this card, if there is another copy of the card in your deck then draw it.
TimeBomb: For the next turn your opponent has 15 seconds to complete the turn or suffer 5 damage to hero
Spellcoin: cards played after this card give the player 1 coin

Im just keeping playing priest because you are trying to kill this class, new expansion and new cards for every class but priest?? Like why dont you remove it from the game lmao

I would of already preordered the bundle but I already have all the legendary mercanaries, and I don’t want 100 merc coins instead. I already have thousands of extra merc coins. Please add more mercs soon and allow us to use our extra merc coins. I really like the new game mode but it doesn’t feel rewarding to get coins that I can’t do anything with.

Will this rule from last time be relevant as well? Asking for an actual friend who is still on lvl 82 and worries he won‘t be able to finish his paid Tavern Pass track in time:

„When the Rewards Track refreshes for the first time when Forged in the Barrens launches, all players will automatically be granted any unclaimed rewards on both the free track and the Tavern Pass track (if purchased)…“

Today I received that spamail about this new xpac and wanted to check it out.
I was so happy to see the AV thing coming to HS. Only to find that the choise I make will determine the type of decks I will have to play for the entire xpac.

Well… I think that making us choose a side is a GREAT idea.

I have been playing on the CORRECT side of history for a long time.
That is the Hordes side obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT, and this is a very BIG but, Making the legendary attached to that one side is … well… how to put it nicely… dumb ?
I am a hordey, I want to pick horde. I also mostly play the big minions decks (that have been ruined for me in the last xpac and as a result I stopped playing HS and moved on to Runetera a few months ago ( I realy like it and is a story for a diff thread) .

So now, when I think about coming back to HS for the fun of AV, I am kinda repelled by the thought of having to choose the ENEMY side to get the card that could maybe perhaps even the odds against all those dumb aggro decks.

So, My response for now is “No, Thank you Blizzard. I will not return now for another 3 months. Maybe for the next xpac when I can just craft that ginger dude :)”.

And for the dev team:
You guys realy make terrible choices imo when it comes to how far you push the aggro decks and the rez/deathrattle cards and play-style. It has been said many many many times in the past that we (the players) dont enjoy having to face all those rez decks and having to kill the same 1 minion over and over and over and over again. Yet, you keep pumping them out like they are the best idea a man has ever had. They are not.

Funny story:
Runterra is launching a new xpac next month too.
Want to guess who has a better chance of getting my money ?

This makes me so sad :frowning:

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The fact that they decided to release this expansion on the same day as the FFXIV Endwalker expansion comes off as sad, desperate, and hilarious.
In the end they are hurting their own bottom line with this Hearthstone release, they should have thought of a better date lol.

You do know that you get both Legendaries once you completed the legendary questline, right? So… about a few days after the expansion launches, you can have both.