Announcing Forged in the Barrens, Hearthstone’s Newest Expansion!

Forged in the Barrens transports players to the sun-baked savanna of central Kalimdor.

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Wow! This looks really good but the new effects are a little unimaginative.
Here are some effects that you can used for the next expansions.

Sacrifice: When you play this minion, select a minion on the board. When that minion is attacked or targeted, this minion takes the damage.

Portal: When you drag this minion to your deck it swaps with another minion of equal cost. Portal minions keep their effects and damage.

Doppler: Merge with a similar minion to create a golden copy with greater abilities.

I’ve created 50 more keywords if you are interested in reviewing them…


lol, no. Reshuffling formats again
start to grind for new packs or pay again (so they did the same with WoW)

Future expansions should be set in Westfall with a farm theme, and Booty Bay with a Beach theme.


If Chuck Norris isn’t a card I’m uninstalling this game!


Hello, Hummel the Druid Hero

The new hero in the mega 80$ bundle pack has VERY BAD EMOTES!

Well played -> Well done.
Wow -> Incredible!
Thanks -> My Thanks
Oops -> A Blunder? (already used with Demon Hunter class )

Only good and create is “threaten”

Threaten -> Learn to temper your strength with wisdom!

This is such simple and small detail that can be done by a blizzard, with such great people and minds, can you be more creative and use few more words and make hero even more enjoyable to play?

The job you did with Nzoth as Warlock hero is incredible. But with Hammul, it is so poor feeling when I use emotes.


The new expansion does look good - and a great theme for players who played Horde in Wow. I think the introduction of a new Mercenary mode also looks pretty interesting.

I would normally (and have done for all prior expansions) buy both the Mega Bundle and regular Bundle as means to collect all the cards… all the portraits… Story Bundles, Tavern Pass etc. Unfortunately for me this year - the excitement of a new expansion is overshadowed by the loss of my Classic Set - and all of the money I have invested into building it. I have talked about it at length in other threads. Whilst the migration of that set out of Standard may be necessary for the game to evolve - I feel sad that the people who have invested the most in supporting Hearthstone over the years are the ones that have lost the most. Whilst these new aspects of Hearthstone promise to be fun to play - and I will continue to play - the way the changes have been implemented has just soured the moment.

The sad thing is - I do actually think the new team at Blizzard are actually trying to make the game better and more accessible to new players. All of the different play modes means it has something for everyone - and in many ways the game has gone from strength to strength. I feel bad withdrawing my financial support from a game that has been very close to my heart since 2014 but sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe to be right.

It will be a new experience being a free to play user… and will be interesting to see how much of an expansion collection I can build on Reward Track/Achievement Gold only. Either way - I am still looking forward to exploring the Barrens, and trying out the the new cards, and the Mercenary Play Mode. I’ll miss out on the new Druid Portrait/Card Back but I’ll live though I may have sleepless nights now at not having a complete set of everything!!!


just buy the bundle. you’ll sour yourself to hearthstone long term if you don’t.

Buy only the mega bundle from now on so you at least will get the hero and card back. And when you don’t pay $50 long enough that you paid back for the money you spent on classic. You can start buying the normal bundle as well if you want

Omg! Cant we not have a break, money wise ! Always à New expand 3 months or so, ppl go broke just to keep up with the game. So frustrating!

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I can never be a card.


Hopefully Mankrik’s wife makes an appearance… Where is she anyway?

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Only Illidan can say A BLUNDER!? Similar to literally now only Anduin can say his BM “wow…”. I’m not being sarcastic. Dead serious. The variety of emotes between heroes is one of my favorites

Does anyone know the date of release?


Buy the mega bundle then. Until you get enough money back. My brother said your stupid for not just playing wild. I tried to tell them some people don’t like playing wild and that you are losing out. He said you weren’t losing out. He doesn’t know anything

Either 26th or 23rd fit to ma try ematics from pack ending and season ending

It’s funny - now I have broken my run of not buying everything Blizzard releases for Hearthstone - it feels liberating. I decided to boycott Blizzard for their disregard for players like myself who invested heavily in Classic. Previously I supported Blizzard - purchasing every release they made… and bought every expansion bundle, hero skin, adventure, solo story etc. I have an entire Golden Classic collection which is soon to become largely useless in Standard. This move by Blizzard has killed any desire I had to collect and craft further Golden Cards, knowing that the company feels it is ok to just change the rules of play at any time - despite having previously marketed Classic Cards as being around in Standard forever. So - no more Golden cards will mean I have substantially more dust to craft regular copies of new expansion cards as they are released.

So no - I will not be purchasing either bundle. Already, just since February I have saved £144.96 on purchases I would have made (the 4 set Chinese-themed portrait pack, Forged in the Barrens Mega-Bundle and Regular Bundle and the Valeera Gladiator’s bundle). I am putting this money aside in a separate account, and will keep a tally on how much I would have spent throughout the ‘Year of the Gryphon’. Likely it would have been in excess of £1000 but we will see. I would rather spend that money on something that I know is a sound investment that I will take pleasure from in years to come.

I feel it is important to take a stand - and I know there are other players like myself - who have decided to do the same. If Blizzard loses even a small percentage of its loyal long term players - those who tend to invest heavily - I am certain it will impact on their profits - and rightly so.

It will be an interesting year seeing how Hearthstone works as a ‘free to play’ player.

I’m still surprised that Undead is not a minion type yet.

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Would be there any card announces before the release?
Announcements list on is empty for me

Welcome to the world of free-to-play haha :slight_smile:
On a more serious note, if you have sufficient gold and dust reserves, you’ll be 100% fine as long as you don’t try to craft golden cards.

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