Android Game keeps constantly trying to update and crashes

I have a Moto G7 android phone to play Hearthstone. Everytime I start a game, shortly after beginning, the phone starts to update Hearthstone (the update appears to be not real as it takes 5 - 10 seconds to update) and drops the game. I try to reconnect, sometimes successfully, only to again drop the game for another update. Very frustrating as I often can’t play a complete game and keep losing.

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Hey there,

Mobile troubleshooting is going to be a bit more limited due to the nature of the device and OS. The following steps should solve most mobile device specific issues.

Powering down the device and then starting it back up can often solve these types of issues.

Can you switch between Cellular and a WiFi network. See if the issue persists on both network types. If the issue appears only on one connection type, then it is an issue with that connection specifically. for Cellular you would need to work with the Cell data provider. For WiFi, you would need to look at the WiFi Network.

You can clear the cache and application data for the app by going into settings>apps>Heartstone>Storage(on newer versions of android) and press the clear cache and clear data buttons.

Sometimes you can clear out bad cached network data by resetting your account password via the website and then relaunching the game.

If that doesn’t work, let’s go ahead and uninstall, then reinstall the game application. I recommend restarting the phone after uninstalling.

Now this is not a step we recommend lightly but if you are comfortable with the process you can try doing a complete factory reset of the device and then load only core apps and the client. This means setting the device up as new and not syncing previous cloud settings.

Troubleshooting mobile devices is pretty limited, if we have a clean install of the app and the issue persists on multiple connection types, there may be a glitch or issue with the with the client on that specific device type. Both of these situations would need to be reported to our QA teams via the Bug Report forums.

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