[Android] Game crash / freezes since patch 15.4

The same - Hearthstone app simply closes after trying to launch solo adventure.
Exactly the same issue on two different devices:

  • Desktop PC (Windows 10)
  • Mobile (Huawei P30 Pro, Android)
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Same here. Using Galaxy Note 4S, the game suddenly crashes randomly after running hearthstone.No simptoms at all when the error occurs.

Hearthstone crashes a lot on android since new update, theres lot of people with the same issue, we need a patch pls

I have the same issue with the app crashing on my Motorola ecruise Android 8.0 device. I have even deleted the old system files restarted the phone and the app. I noticed it crashes worse when accessing my collection. Even without accessing my collection it eventually crashes randomly it just takes longer.

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Same issue here with my LG Stylo 4.

Hey all,

Thank you for the reports and the device information that everyone has shared so far. This is something that we are looking to collect more information on.

If you are experiencing freezing or game crashing on your Android device since the patch, please post the following info:

Device make/model:
Android OS version:
What was happening on screen when the crash occurred:


Same issue. “Moto Z2 Play” phone running Android 8.0.0 (patched June 2019)

Freeze seems to happen when a sound would queue, either on playing a card in a match, or turning a collection page, or hovering over a button. Each time the screen freezes mid action. Tabbing out returns to a blank screen (unresolved loop?) And the only recourse is to kill the process and relaunch from scratch. Started immediately after Doom in the Tomb update.


Device: Bq Aquaris u2 lite
Android: 7.1.2
The game crashes instantly and backs me to my phone menu

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Sorry if my english isn’t perfect, I tried to tell it the better I can

Same thing. Freezes when i try to enter solo mode. To get in, I have to open up the other game modes and then go into solo.

Also freezes almost every game i am in when the opponent plays a card or when I play a card. This is in Wild mode and during my free arena run.

Moto g5 Plus

Version 8.1.0

Build OPSS28.85-17-6

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Same problem. HUAWEI P20 with android

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HUAWEI P20 running Android v9. Screen literally freezes (One frame) upon certain game animations or visual effects (doesn’t seem to be a lag issue).


Same problem.

Huawei P smart (FIG-LX1)
Android 9
Crashes when opening my collection, drafting an arena deck, playing ranked/arena, opening packs… Basically anytime. Tried cleaning the cache and reinstalling, did not help. Had no problems before the update.

/random crashes…mostly not during matches but random everywhere. Never had the problem before on my old smatphone Samsung S9 before the patch

Samsung S10
Android 9


Same here

Moto g7 play

Android 9 (08/01/2019 patch)

Game froze in various moments, like the very first (the tavern door, on start), viewing quests, during match, the boss card screen in this week tavern brawl, etc

Game freezes all the time last 5 mins 3 times browsing collection why isn’t this fixed yet.moto g6 play Andriod 8

Galaxy note 4S, Android OS version 6.0.1
The game suddenly freezes and instantly stops working(and goes back to initial screen of my decice) - like when I activated task management and ended the program. Playing ranked and arena picks were still available when reconnected, but couldn’t save my deck before error. Since last patch I’m playing hearthstone through PC, please solve this issue quickly.

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I’m having the same issue.

Device make/model: Galaxy S6
Android OS version: 7.0 (Nougat)

What was happening on screen when the crash occurred:

Just lost a game because of that. It freezes, I quickly close the app and than restart/reopen it. The other problem is the loading of the game has gotten slower too, so by the time i get back into my game, my turn is over. That is a huge swing that will pretty much lose you the game.

Device make/model: Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit
Android OS version: 9
What was happening on screen when the crash occurred: Will happen at any time with the Hearthstone application open. Sometimes happens immediately after getting to the main menu; sometimes I can play a few matches without it occurring.

I tried reinstalling, hasn’t fixed the issue.

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Device make/model: HWAWEI Mate 20 Pro
Android OS version: 9

Experience frequent crash which instantly returns screen to phone menu and on other occasion game freezes during matches.

This happens after new patch.