And I'm out again - how can you all stay calm? :-D

Back for less than a week after a year of absence and this game ones again proves that it can tilt me like no other game can. I really like the core mechanics, I think some of the new keywords are very clever but when I constantly match against players in arena that (SEEEM! from my subjective perspective!) like they got offered WAY better cards or play in Standard and constantly draw all my high stuff VS aggro, I’m raging after a while. It honestly scares me because a game shouldn’t have this effect on me … it’s honestly juvenile and I have never had this experience with any other game I have played. My best guess is that

a) there is just rng non-stop in this game and I (/people in general) tend to concentrate on bad luck instead of their good luck

b) this game powercreeped so hard (honestly expected after 10 years, let’s be honest) that so many cards with no/minimal conditions attached just swing the state of the board just like that. It might be even more tilting for me when a card that just “ruins” the entire game for me was yet again randomly discovered?!

As you can see: I can see how this is all very subjective. I honestly can’t believe how “okay-ish” most of the balance still is after all this time. Maybe this is just the one game I wish I could play but just shouldn’t haha :smiley:

Hope you’re all enjoying it going forward! :slight_smile:


I will say this much, I never intentionally spend resources on Arena. I just use the random tickets I get from the tavern pass and treat whatever meager rewards I get as “well, this is what the pass actually rewarded me for that tier.”

If that’s the primary reason you want to play, I would strongly suggest finding a different game, or else resigning yourself to opening your wallet. You’re gonna burn through tickets for precisely the reasons you listed there.

Back in the day, Yeti was meta because a 4/5 vanilla for 4 was overstatted by 1. But even though druids could luck that out turn 1 somewhat reliably, we tolerated it until Shredder came along… that was when Innervate was nerfed, iirc.

I’ve come to the conclusion that certain personality types just don’t mesh well with games that have large doses of RNG, especially where the actual mechanics of the RNG are not exposed.

And I definitely include myself in this group!

In face-to-face games with clearly visible RNG mechanics such as rolling dice or spinning a wheel, I have a much easier time accepting unlucky outcomes.

But in Hearthstone, at least for me, unlucky outcomes just FEEL worse, perhaps because there is no visibility into exactly how that outcome was produced.


This is so true.

I want to be very calm and composed … I watch Kibler playing (yes he’s streaming but he’s clearly very collected in terms of rng) and when something stupid happens many times in a row he can laugh about it or - worst case - roll his eyes and say “sure” or “of course”. When things get to intense for me (like 1hour into the game) it can happen that I start swearing … and I mean that I actually insult my invisible opponent for something that was out of their control as well. My brain can’t handle the fact that I got the perfect rng streak with my Tess rogue in Wild 2 matches ago and then get bulldozes after a long match as a Control Singleton Priest because some random rng factor slighly weighted in my opponent’s favor. It’s so stupid but this happens and I really can’t handle it in a civil manner - I have quit and tried again 4 times now over the past years.

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Most of the issues come from that the game just feels really unfair. Specially arena where there are botted decks galore and you play against decks that are better than constructed. Not only that, but often the most bs stuff happens where they have perfect answers to every single play while netdecking them.

The worst one was for me: I had a warrior with bomb synergy in arena and managed to somehow get 9 bombs in the enemy’s deck. He does a discover and gets the legendary that changes all cards in your deck to legendaries. The literal perfect answer out of 100s of cards.

What is fair about that? You can say RNG, but that perfect answer for this situation… I don’t buy it.