Account Merger Technical Support Requested

I have recently retired to Hearthstone after years away, which is a pattern for me at this point. I used my current battlenet account, no issues. But, I’m dwelling on how much time and money I’ve put into two other accounts, one of which I lost access to because I lost the authenticator, the other of which I still have full access to, and both of which i would DESPERATELY love to simply merge into my main account. Please help me, thanks for reading.

As this forum is for community based troubleshooting of technical issues, there would not be anyone here that could address an account issue of any sort. Normally we would advise you to contact support using the support button at the top of the page but in this particular case, I can inform you that it is not possible to merge hearthstone progress. If you have multiple account, then you will need to decide which account to continue progression on and then stick with that account.

That’s heart breaking, thanks for the quick reply. Here’s hoping the missed out on packs issue gets resolved more favorably. :slight_smile:

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