Ability to change size of cursor inside Hearthstone

The cursor inside Hearthstone is way too big that it should be. Is there an hidden option to change it size (or command line argument?) or could we have an ability in future update to change size of the cursor?

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Hey, Spamm3r! The cursor as far as I’m aware can’t be adjusted, but there may be some settings worth checking out to see if you can mess with it a bit to see if it may help with the large cursor size.

  • Check the System Preferences > Accessibility > Display for the mouse cursor size.
  • Go to System Preferences > Accessibility and uncheck Shake mouse pointer to locate.

As Technical support, we aren’t able to address this issue since we can only assist with technical issues that can be resolved through troubleshooting. This isn’t necessarily a bug, but a suggestion.

If you have feedback on the cursor size or wanted to suggest what you mentioned here about an option to adjust the cursor size, I strongly encourage you to create a topic in the #community-discussion forums for our Development team to review the cursor scaling concerns. Our team always always sourcing feedback, and constructive discussions help guide future development decisions.

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