60 dollars for every card in a new exp

Why isnt that a thing ?
I dont understand why Blizzard doesnt just charge 60 dollars which gets you every single card in a new expansion… you can continue to grind as a free to play player but also have the option to just straight up buy all the cards right away.

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More people would happily drop that to get everything. At this point I would rather them charge like $100 to just get all the cards then having to buy the really scummy pre-order packs. They would never do it for 60 unfortunately…


It would probably be a good deal, for us and for Blizzard. Offer to sell the complete non-golden expansion as a pre-purchase (in 2 copies for non-legendary cards) for about $120 (the equivalent of purchasing both expansion pre-purchases, $60 is impossible to wish).
I guess that way more players would buy this pack because of the guarantee to get the full expansion despite the high price.

Anyway, clearly don’t expect such an offer to appear one day.

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They wouldn’t do it for $600

nope. wouldnt do it for a penny. its still the same game with the same broken mechanics except everyone would now have a mill deck.

We should just keep this post on top til the new xpac and convence everybody to DO NOT buy any pre order, make streamers talk about and post also in reddit.
$60 is FAIR AND WORTH for a complet set.
They make us believe in all those yearts that those digital cards worh $300 but its a lie.

lets make this real

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Because you’d have nothing to work towards and get bored in 3 days.


No, you would test a lot of combinations and try all decks streamers can do and have fun for the rest of expansion, and if somehow you get bored… you paid and fell like your money was well spent

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As someone who used to be a free to play player and is now a “buy every card” player, trust me when I tell you that grinding towards a new deck is the most fun part of this game.

Once you hit legend and have tried all the decks for a few matches and realise the meta is heavily tilted towards aggro like every other meta (which are the cheapest decks by the way) you get bored pretty fast


Im legend, i have almost all meta decks im wild, i keep enjoying the game and i would enjoy more if i could have ALL memes
I mostly f2p (bought only kofT and Ungoro)

F2p doenst mean se play only 20 min and do quests

…without having to collect
that means less people will play increasing queues drastically

seems like a bad idea to me(and i want the game to stay f2p)


all the F2P mechanics would sadly still be there.

if they made the game $40 a full set and you had to play the earn awsome card backs and cool cards for alt modes of play, they would likely break their sales goals for the next 2 years with the release of one set.

if they added a new player $50 all cards in existence and got rid of the f2P market completely, they could afford to buoy the OWL for another few years!

Thats nonsense… thats like saying it would be boring if developers wouldn’t charge for absolutely everything in a game cause there would be nothing to work towards lol what ?

I agree, $60 for all non-gold cards.

The mega bundle costs around 1/4 of the minimum montly wage in my country and we get only 1/3 of the expansion cards… its just insane!

I’m unemployed due to covid, but I buy my Hearthstone cards!! hell yea

At this point I would happily drop $120-150ish to just get all the cards

tbh I like the collecting-aspect of a ccg and to chase specific cards. Every time I am happy like a child when I see a new legendary card incoming.