3 wins = 10 gold - Please give it back!


you said you will improve the new reward system: Please, give us our 10 gold for 3 wins back!

I got 80 gold at the moment. With my next reward I am at 180 gold. I buy one pack and well be again at 80 gold. The 100-gold-steps are not flexible enough. Sometimes you need 20 gold or 30. I feel catched because I am not able fix amounts like this anymore.

10 gold for 3 wins was perfect to handle that. So please give it back to us and keep experience points for quests.



We no want it back.


not earning anywhere near enough gold… and what they proposed is no where near enough to fix the mess… I was expecting more… especially for the tavern pass… should def include more frequent rewards…


That’s a problem, usually I have 5k or 6k worth of gold from dailies by time the next expansion comes out. I guess blizzard wants us to pay more for their packs


Wait, it just dawned on me, quests don’t give gold either?

I guess the only source of gold is the slow experience track? Ew


This was the reward that led to people trying to lose rank for easy wins with their paid decks. It was still a problem above silver 10. Don’t ever bring back a reward for losing games to get easier wins.

i play usually 3 to 4 hours a day. since yesterday i would have finished at least the 2 50g or 60g quests and made 30 to 40 gold a day. that would net me at a minimum 160g to 200g. instead i crawled to lvl 22 and made 100g. This new system is a mega fail.

oh and lvl 23 is a useless pack from the last expansion so no gold for at least 2 to 3 days.

good thing i only play BGs now as the new expansion did not even force a reaction other then, more rng and one kill cards, what ever, out of me.


Don’t you know? Getting less rewards is now a “new feature!”


Old system was trash, new system too. We should get like 50 gold per 3 wins with no cap.


And then you would not have a game anymore as the devs would not make any money from it.

Better solution: 10 gold every 100XP (earned while playing, not quest)

(I just wrote the first number it came into my mind to make an example)

Yeah with the new system if you count all rewards as gold, then 300-350xp is the same as 10 gold now, but there is a cap at 400, so if they removed all the caps, and raised how you get xp in battles to give a bit more, it should technically be the same.
However since the system should be better then the old it should still add a way to add small amounts of gold too.