28.6.2 Patch Notes

28.6.2 Patch Notes

Patch 28.6.2 shakes up Standard and Battlegrounds!

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Good job Blizzard , im delighted to know now for certain that the Devs of HS and BGs specifically are actually on the spectrum , there is no other explanation for Beasts still going unnerfed , you know the only playable tribe for the last 3 months , you know that ONE tribe out of 10 and its almost 20% winrate difference between it and the 2nd best tribe in the game , i hope the Devs are supervised and dont get any more crayons stuck up thier noses and keep thier helmets on so they dont lick the windows .

nice thx for kill any druid deck whit last few balance change till HL druid unplayable by DK “sarcasm off”

Thanks for buffing my Spells Only DH lol (seriously though)

What a joke of a patch.

Seriously, great April fools day joke

“Standard” Patch.
You aren’t fooling anyone.

This is hillarious, even more nerf to the underperforming quillboar and the useless murloc tribe, while leaving the ridiculously overpowered undead and beast tribe unchanged. What are you smoking?

Useless nerf, meta as stupid as ever.

Other information for Blizzard, you know that the cards we have are our cards so the theotar card, hooktusk must disappear because we never gave our opponent the agreement to touch our cards (I know you like the stealing crook mechanic because you are crooks but this mechanic must disappear because it is illegal).

Nice job

just kill sludge deck for no reason, while paladin agroo has more winrate and DK too.
This is the third time that you just kill a funny deck for no reason.
I will play another card game

Warlock Sludge Fun, the deck that had ultra stupid auto-play cards without it costing it mana (stupid mechanic that needs to disappear). Consider yourself lucky that this deck still exists because it must disappear.

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