27.6 Patch Notes

27.6 Patch Notes

Prepare for Hearthstone’s next expansion: Showdown in the Badlands!

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What the F… I had a really good arena deck I was looking for to play when I come home and you just ended my arena run and traded it for a free ticket. And even worse, now these extremely unenjoyable double-class thing is back.

Thanks blizzard for ruining not only my personal arena run but the next weeks of arena. Guess I will just take a break from Hearthstone until you patch it back to normal and somewhat enjoyable.

would be nice to know if autoretires in arena count towards leaderboard? someones effort might have been for nothing without informing them in advance :slight_smile:

This patch makes Goldrinn’s effect confusing. “For the rest of this combat, your Beasts have +3/+3.” insinuates that your minions simply have +3/+3 and that it shouldn’t work with baron/titus. If they intend for it to work with baron, it should say " For the rest of this combat, give your Beasts +3/+3." This is a similar issue with anub’arak.

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Excavate looks like a fun keyword quickdraw cards wil require skil as u need to decide if you can afford to play with or without quickdraw.

I think the keywords have been amazing for a long while now - tradeable forge and i am sure excavate is gona to be great as well :slight_smile:

Edit- i think the free legendary is gona be fun in mage tutor out ragnaros :smiley: but i wonder what beast there is going to be for this payoff.

Naa, you might wanna show positivity, but who in the right mind would tech in rag? ^^ dead on arrival.


Well its a slow card but you get two summons it could lead to some spicy meme decks maybe even a meta deck.

For Battlegrounds, can you please add images of what cards were removed from the Battlegrounds pool [EDIT: in the future]? I had to open a Google Image Search page next to the update to know what actually happened.

Also - instead of nerfing (or better yet, killing) the Banana Slamma build, you made it STRONGER? Did I read that update correctly? Unbelievable. I hope I’m wrong.


That free legendary is only good in hunter can tutor out king krush and ragnaros

You could add Horseman Uther avatar into the shop this week really… it is halloween stuff. :slight_smile:

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I tried to find some yogg patch. Nothing yet.

I’m glad highlander decks will be made…but so far - none of the cards are that appealing to me.

When does the event start and when do we get the free elemental beast legendary

On pc the update went live today as well as the new event with the free packs :slight_smile:

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blazecaler and kalimos got buffed !!! i just noticed while playing my elemental shaman !

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I know there won’t be any answer, but I would still like to make a request to Blizzard(Microsoft) to provide some insight as to why the standard didn’t receive any balance changes.

I am unable to understand why you think it’s a good thing to hold a very unpopular meta hostage for another month.

Mine still hasn’t updated (I’m on mobile is that meant to happen)

Mobile takes abit longer to update its usually after the pc update.

So YOu’re making Hearthstone Expansin evem more expensive than previously by SHORTENING the 4 motnhs off a current expnasion?

SO insatead of 4 months… it’s now 3 months and 2 weeks?


This is one of those updates we (mobile users) have to go to the Play Store and download/install the update from there. Extremely stupid that Blizzard does this with no notification on some updates and other updates are automatic once you open Hearthstone… makes no sense.

It’s now a little after 3:30pm PST and after playing a dozen+ games today already, I’m finally getting the news there’s an update and had to do more digging to figure out I need to get the update from the Play Store…

F for Communication Blizzard :frowning: [quote=“ThatOneKid-21867, post:16, topic:114798, full:true”]
Mine still hasn’t updated (I’m on mobile is that meant to happen)

yep at least they let us know months ago