26.2 Known Issues

Hello all,

Patch 26.2 is launching May 9, kicking off Battlegrounds Season 4 with a massive minion remix! Follow this page for updates on issues we’re tracking this patch.

Patch 26.2 will launch with the following known issues:

  • [Battlegrounds] Monstrous Macaw will be temporarily removed from the minion pool at launch due to a bugged interaction. Macaw will be returned to the minion pool once that interaction has been addressed in an upcoming hotfix patch.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fireworks Fanatic will be removed from the minion pool at launch due to an unintended play pattern outlier. We are still assessing this play pattern and the best solutions to it, so the card may or may not be returned to the minion pool any time soon.
  • [Tavern Brawl] This week’s Tavern Brawl will be ending one day earlier than usual to avoid an issue with the Heroic Tavern Brawl next week. We are working on another solution for this issue for future instances of Heroic Tavern Brawl.

We are also tracking the following additional known issues after patch launch:

  • [Resolved 5/12] In Battlegrounds, the E.T.C., Band Manager hero has been temporarily removed from the hero pool while we investigate a bug causing crashes.
  • [Resolved 5/12] In Battlegrounds, Sinrunner Blanchy has been temporarily removed from the minion pool due to an unintended interaction. It’s expected to be returned once that interaction is addressed in an upcoming hotfix.
  • [Resolved 5/12] The team is aware that Rowdy Fan is currently bugged. That bug is planned to be corrected in an upcoming hotfix.
  • [Added 5/11] The team is aware that Golden Blade Collector and Golden Bream Counter show the wrong art in the Battlegrounds Stats page.

5/15 Announcement: The Heroic Tavern Brawl has been delayed for one week. It will now start on May 24, instead. This change is due to a conflict with balance changes coming in Patch 26.2.2, scheduled for later this week. More details on that soon!

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We’ll continue to update this post as we get more information.


Is the ETC buddy achievement fixed?


[Mercenaries] Could we get a fix for Jaina’s Ice Block Talisman triggering infinitely after she gets bounced, e.g. by Bwonsamdi? It’s impossible to kill her, kinda ruining PvP.


Thanks for all your hard work!


Any chance battleground players will get something to spend their gold on ? (like hero slots again) I spent loads on packs and i don’t even play standard anymore and still have 16k gold.

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The game (Classic HS) seems much laggier after the update. Besides, had an instance of traps going off in the wrong order (and yes, I know how to play them; this bug likely cost me a game, though) — could be related to the aforementioned lagginess.

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any updates on whether the following achievements are now completable?
restless reader (lore books in faelins solo adventure)
friend of a friend (ETC battlegrounds)


The game is not updated, at startup it writes that it needs to be updated, but in the application it says that the latest version.

Battlegrounds still has people abusing bug where the Horse gets reborn infinitely, remove the card already.


Trading tradeable cards crashes my game.


Why is my loaner deck choice gone? I was waiting for this day to pick one just to realise it is gone… I wish I was just 1 day earlier to not encounter this bug. Please give some information about this matter

Can confirm, bug is still happening. My wife and I just finished a game with 2 players using it.

I encountered that too. You put a Rylak Metalhead next to a Reanimating Rattler, triggering its battlecry when the metalhead dies. The battlecry then puts reborn on a Sinrunner Blanchy, which keeps enchantments when reborn, and thus it gets infinite reborn. The stategy is unbeatable unless you have a Sin’dorei Straightshot to remove the reborn.

A good fix would be to make it impossible for the Sinrunner Blanchy to get a reborn enchantment.

In Battlegrounds as Reno if you use your hero power on Upbeat Duo you still only get one copy of the minion instead of 2.

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In Standart tony dont work after , my opponent play tony we swap decks , 1or 2 turns later i play my tony but nothing happend the battlycry dont trigger and we dont swap decks.

tony is not a battlecry, it is an aura. if one or more unsilenced tonys are on the board, the decks will be swapped. if there are 0 unsilenced tonys the decks will be in their original spot

Many major problems currently in the game are not mentionned here. The game is a real mess & nothing is fixed. Adding a layer of new content over that is not helping at all.

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Guys I can NOT! play any game in standard… Please stop posting about the sinful blancher for the 500th time they are aware and will fix it. New/Returning players are not able to chose a free loaner deck anymore because it is bugged. But even worse than that, because the deck is bugged it locks our account progress and we are unable to que any game of standard with any deck… Please fix this ASAP and please guys raise awareness to this so that blizzard can see it among all the other bug reports this is really game breaking and frustating. I literally can not play the game anymore it won’t start and it has to be related to the free deck choice because all was working just fine and all my other regions work too

[Hearthstone] Haunting Nightmare’s death-rattle is glitching, cards haunted by the shadow are not summoning Haunted Soldiers. It seems to happen with cards that did not start in the deck. It’s very vexing.