26.2 Known Issues

The Boomsday Puzzle Lab Survival stage 1 with Glow-Tron 2000 has become impossible due to changes to replicating menace. Please fix this.

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Same here, do you use an old PC?

Thank you Blizzard for fixing the loaner deck issue <3

Mercenaries, Rexxar’s “deal damage if you summoned all three beast companions” equipment is bugged, it does not deal damage at all.

Battlegrounds, when playing as Rock Master Voone, if the hero power duplicates an Elemental of surprise, it can triple before the end of turn, potentially removing minions of the board, which does not happen with other minions.
Experienced on mobile

Old graphic card, but rest of PC is new.

In Hearthstone Battlegrounds, if ETC gets Waxadred buddy to proc with Ryalk Metalhead, it will instantly delete your team causing you to auto-lose.

I just played a game of battlegrounds. My “Octosari, warp god” spawned around 74/74 minions but when I got a triple (made it golden) it summoned 3x 12/12 instead when I had 2x Titus Rivendare on the board. Is it supposed to reset the deathrattle when I make it golden? I also had 1x Mama Bear on the board if that makes any difference.

In battleground leapfrogger wont add his bonus on sinrunner

Elemental, Upbeat Upstart gets towards infinite health when three or more golden minions are played together… Please have a look at it!

DUELS: the 3 heart hp when you get defeated after a new round there a Display bug where It returns the hp so we can’t see whether we have how much till we get defeated it happened to me when I play casual duels not sure whether it affects heroic but I know it affect casual.

Zero acknowledgement of the Haunting Nightmare bug again. Been a bug for months now.


In Mercenaries ,with Niuzao, Blazing Horns treasure in PvE does not deal the damage it says.

Hello there.

Today, I was playing Sire Denathrius with completed Quest that gives you last minion that died after combat. I had 2 Bream counter murlocs in hand summoned by Bassgil minion and after the fight minion trippled, but remained chaind by bassgil, so I couldnt play the trippled card for discover a higher tier minion, or even summon it from my hand following combat!

Thanks to that bug I finished last and lost 83 mmr points!

I hope this is the correct thread to place such issues.

Whizbang with scythe isn’t working same as there https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/zz2186/whizbangs_spell_demonhunter_doesnt_work_the/

Just had the same thing happen. Even though my Octosari said 56/56, it summoned a 2/2 after being tripled.

patchwerk doesnt destroy minion form hand again

is all dev team high onblizzard or whats going on?

https://we.tl/t-4N2dJXB72v proof

The recording you sent as proof shows that your opponent has five cards at the start. You play Patchwerk, you see the animation of cards on board, in hand, and in deck being destroyed, and then your opponent has only four cards left.
Did you even watch the recording yourself before coming here with your claim?

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i understand that the 2/2 predatory nature dont work the turn you got him since the patch.
but event if i have it in my hand for many turn (1, 2,3 or more) i can’t target the enemy heroes sometimes . it seems that if i play arcanist first then the predatoty nature it don’t work (cant target enemy hero), on the same turn. i don’t understand why.
thank you

there is something wrong with the way to get the phoenix card back(the hiding mission of FaiForged in the Barrens).The"???" card cannot be attained when you finish Hunter’s and Rogue’s(Worrior’s and Druid’s can be attained).