26.0.3 Patch Notes

Patch 26.0.3 is a server-side hotfix patch that we’re in the process of rolling out now, with the following bug fixes and Battlegrounds adjustments:

Battlegrounds Updates

The following heroes now have less Armor:

  • Trade Prince Gallywix: 5
  • Ysera: 5 at lower ranks, 8 at higher ranks
  • Shudderwock: 7
  • Tavish Stormpike: 8 at lower ranks, 10 at higher ranks
  • Alexstrasza: 9
  • Chenvaala: 10
  • Ini Stormcoil: 10 at higher ranks, but still 7 at lower ranks
  • Lord Barov: 10 higher ranks, but increased to 15 at lower ranks
  • Professor Putricide: 10
  • Lord Jaraxxus: 13 at higher ranks, but still 7 at lower ranks

The following heroes now have more Armor:

  • E.T.C., Band Manager: 15
  • Kurtrus Ashfallen: 15
  • Lord Barov: 15 at lower ranks, but reduced to 10 at higher ranks
  • N’Zoth: 17
  • Sneed: 17
  • Edwin VanCleef: 19

Note: Lord Barov now has less Armor than before at higher levels (10), but now has more Armor than before at lower levels (15).

Additionally, the Quest from Shady Aristocrat (Sire Denathrius’s Buddy) has been made harder to complete.

Bug Fixes

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where a Cover Artist copying a Funkfin was set to 3/3 and did not get the stats buff aura from the original Funkfin.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where playing Multi-Strike with Going Down Swinging allowed for additional attacks to the enemy hero.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where minions affected by Rowdy Fan, Annoying Fan, and Obsessive Fan would remain affected even after being transformed.
  • [Progression] Fixed a bug where the “Epic Rap Battle of Blingstory” achievement granted progress when killing an enemy minion as opposed to just the enemy hero.

Why was nothing done about Hooktusk or Mutanus? These patch notes nerf some of the heroes capable of competing with them. Its demoralizing to see these two heroes in the lobby knowing that you’re fighting for second place and just hoping that they don’t spiral early enough to end your game earlier than that.

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Hello! I’m having trouble getting the achievement “???” Steppes. When playing as a Rogue and Hunter, after playing cards to activate a card with “?”, activation does not occur. I was able to complete 2 out of 4 tasks. I went through the Druid and the warrior and there is a card with the sign “?” after playing the right cards appeared and I was able to complete these two challenges, and the Hunter and Rogue challenges are broken. I did everything correctly using guides on the Internet, after looking at a lot of information on the forums I could not find a solution to the problem. I hope you can help me.

both those heroes are a joke. their buddies require you to be nearly dead before a possible to work. by then it is too late

I am just going to keep reposting this on every patch notes and known issues post in the vain hope that someone on the Hearthstone team will read or acknowledge it in some way, shape, or form:

The Friend of a Friend Battlegrounds achievement for playing 16 different buddies as E.T.C. has still not been fixed as of this patch.

I would also like to add that it is still impossible to complete the Restless Reader achievement to Read 40 Lorebooks in the Book of Heroes: Faelin Solo Adventure. This has been broken since its release on June 1, 2022.


Groovy Cat banned from Duel
Well done mate

The data extracted from millions of hearthstone games is the basis for the claim. That data is irrefutable. Not all players will know how to properly execute on Mutanus and/or Hooktusk, but that doesn’t signify that those heroes aren’t insanely powerful. The pick rates for both of those heroes are top 10 across all rating brackets and the average placement of those heroes climbs as you look at the higher brackets. This reaffirms that lesser experienced players don’t have the familiarity to excel with these heroes.

About the french translation of Thaddius, it should say “parité” instead of “polarité”, polarité has no sense here. Polarité (from pole) gives a direction (north/south/…) when Parité means either “odd” or “even” (pair/impair in french). Don’t know where to put this, please transfer to french translation team.

When using Fight Over Me and selecting two minions, if a minion with divine shield is selected and it would have otherwise died without it, when the minions clash into each other the first time, they don’t clash for a second. I assume it’s because the game thinks the DS minion is dead when in actuality it just popped the bubble.

There is enough RNG built into card games, why add so much more luck? We should be striving to focus on decision making.

So im new player and for some reason i didnt get free pack to choose idk if someone has the same problem here