25.6 Patch Notes

25.6 Patch Notes

Patch 25.6 sets the stage for Hearthstone’s next expansion: Festival of Legends!

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Por favor, podrían decir que aspecto (apariencia “skin”) corresponde a cada selección de gira de banda
Please, which aspect (skin) is for each class?

359,00 absurdo extremo quem vai comprar por esse valor, exageraram fixar em dolár os preços daqui.

Maybe fix the servers in bg so it actually is playable


Disconnects all day, the last one had me ff for 7th. love it

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BGs not even working, but what did we expect from a small indie company


I was about to buy my first ever Mega Bundle because I received an email that stated “Save over 50%” and surprise surprise it was a load of BS. Small Indie company needs to lie in promo’s to make profits lol.


[Mercenaries] Fixed bugs with several Treasures and Abilities that did not function as intended.

Still no fix for Chi-Ji equipment bug in boss rush?

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Note: Due to a bug found late in patch development, Sire Denathrius (and Shady Aristocrat) will be temporarily banned at launch.

Ever consider fixing these bugs BEFORE the patch goes live?

Disable E.T.C he is lagging the game out

O jogo não está pronto.

Cant find this?? Where is it?

they told us before it can take 2 weeks to get a patch ready for mobile and pc

if they are doing this is way . its obviously because doing it means delaying it 2 weeks

Nope, some other things are still broken there.

Alright, I haven’t done an extensive testing of the promised bugfixes (confirmed the one with Chi-Ji… that’s it, if memory serves), but some people have:


In short, Vanessa, the Mama Bear’s Den and Light’s Protection treasure are reportedly fixed… that’s it.

Who care about next expansion when is big mess in this game. Stop doing nerfs what doesnt make sence

It was buried down in the bg notes.

they need QA control in the dev area.

Because they should be able to test and find these bugs…oh, you know, literally not just before they drop the patch.

Paladin’s Hero Power Duel mode got bugged. Pls fix it

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Hi, I played Duel with DK against a Paladin twice who summon a copy of the resurrected minion with FULL health. It didn’t make sense, it was extremely frustrating to lose due to a bug

Sell ​​Innkeepers for gold and not just for runes