24.4.3 Patch Notes

I knew it. It’s obvious that the devs love the current meta. Their reluctance to nerf Theotar just oozes out of their patch notes.

If they think a mere 1 mana increase to it’s cost is going to lower his playrate, they’re sorely mistaken really.

But I think they know that this nerf won’t lower his playrate in any meaningful way. The devs just wanna delay and extend his reign of terror for as long as possible. Because no matter what, Theotar and Denathrius HAVE to reign supreme in the meta, no matter what the players themselves think.

But hey, on the bright side, there’s no reason for me to waste my time on Hearthstone for the rest of this expansion.

I’ll wait and see how the next expansion turns out before I invest any time and energy.

In fact, in some ways, this might even be a buff to Theotar. Now he can be included in Vanndar decks


Balance Team: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


The changes seem inadequate judging by what was expected, vs. what was implemented.


We don’t want him to be one of the most popular cards in the next expansion, and our goal with this change is to lower his playrate across all ranks. If his playrate doesn’t drop significantly with this change, we’ll evaluate further changes at the next opportunity.

Are you telling me this is how it works?

So, if secret mage, rogue, paladin and hunter become meta and everyone starts to play the secret tech, their reaction would be to nerf thr secret tech because it’s overplayed? Wow.

I thought they tried to use logic, but since their reasoning for nerfing hunter was give weaker decks a bit more breathing room by reducing the overall power level of Hunter while not nerfing obnoxious decks that can end the game with an early highroll, it’s clear they are just “trying to change the meta without reasonings”.
Rafaam infused on 6 is apparently balanced, as well as pelagos on 3; balanced because their playrate isn’t high and they don’t win everytime they are played on curve. Who cares if someone loses on 4 because they couldn’t remove Pelagos on turn 3 and now the opponent has a 10/10 that self heals everytime you buff it, or who cares if someone doesn’t have a board clear on 6 to clear 20 damage from rafaam.

The only positive thing is that they realized the hunter weapon didn’t need the buff (they literally buffed it because at the time beast hunter wasn’t good, so I guess making strong card stronger is justified. Maybe rafaamand pelagos need a buff as well, they aren’t in tier 1 decks after all).

You want weaker decks to shine? Try to release coherent archetype for every class.
Warlock got an imp deck in just one expansion, while rogue needed 5 to assemble an half meme deathrattle deck.
Paladin is still trying to understand if nathria had anything good in it or if mechs are still the best strategy.

Theotar nerf is the laziest thing they could have ever done: +1 mana so people are discouraged from playing it. If they aren’t discouraged enough, +1 mana again till it eventually becomes unplayable.
Nice way of addressing problems.

The end result of this nerf is:

  • they hope theotar won’t be popular, they don’t know if it’s balanced, op or weak and they don’t care
  • hunter is now weaker, so other “weak (lol)” deck can shine.

Can’t wait to play in ladder with my weak deck! Now it should be viable!
I am sure the meta won’t be dominated by the already strong decks that didn’t get nerfed; I expect shadow priest, pure paladin, secret rogue, fire mage and enrage warrior to be tier 1!

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Yeah theotar is a cancer but the cards he steals aren’t? Biased player is biased.


It’s not to discourage him. It’s to make it harder to play. Then again I would assume you don’t understand curves by your post and assertion

You act like you think they care.

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They aren’t saying “theotar is too strong, so we are nerfing it”.
They literally said it is too popular and this nerf is aimed at reducing its popularity.

I quoted their exact words, I am not making up statements about how curves work

I’m also baffled by the double-standards they have for the classes. When Warrior dominated the meta, they nerfed him to oblivion. And Warrior is still a worthless class in this meta.

And yet Hunter only gets a slap on the wrist. These nerfs will only somewhat lower his winrate. Beast Hunter will still be a top 3 meta deck

Hearthstone is more and more becoming the personal vanity project of the devs

I was hoping to see Theo go to 6 mana to prevent stealing opponents Theo and playing that in the same turn, but I am glad to see that Blizz is listening and actually making changes…

Dark force Malygos? Is he a minion now in battlegrounds.

No offense intended but most people dont realise one thing.Without Theotar, Denatrius decks would be unstoppable.The only other counter is Mutanus at 7 mana.Any hard nerf to Theotar disbalances the game way more than most people realise.

Later edit : Also Okani can be a counter but for druid it doesnt really matter.

another patch another day of pay to win in BGS. guess thats a continuation of heathstone being uninstalled. have a good day. TFT is actually pretty fun not that ive been forced to find another BG game

I’m thrilled because I had both normal and golden Aralon. I just dusted the golden one to make two free legendaries. :money_mouth_face:

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How is that different from many a mage deck that was nerfed for the same reason?

I am not sure why it matters, but there is a difference when a class is too popular and so gets nerfed (let’s say hunter in this case) and when a single card is too popular.

If a single card is played everywhere, the card is either op or the meta requires such a card to be played.
Nerfing it by 1 mana in hope that people will stop playing it implies that the card goes from op to unpayable, so now no one uses it, or the card is bad but it’s still very much needed to play the meta, so people keep using it even if it’s bad.

In both cases the card isn’t fixed at all

Remove priest from the game, or make a new mode just letting two priests stealing each other cards.

So why haven’t they nerfed Denathrius instead? Seems like a much better way to combat this ridiculous meta than nerfing Theotar by a measly 1 Mana. Once again, the devs have shown they aren’t capable of understanding why people are sick of playing Hearthstone. Instead of correcting the game’s root issues, they apply a bunch of band-aid fixes and hope for the best. It’s laughable how incredibly inept they are at their jobs.


It makes no sense to me. I gave up trying to understand balance decisions a long time ago though.
They seem entirely based on whim and personal biases to me.

Warlock needs an urgent nerf, in standart Legend there is like 80% imp-curse cancer atm, hello Blizzard, do you even test your game?