24.4.2 Patch Notes

Edit: This patch has now been deployed to all regions. You can restart your client to make sure you’re on an updated server.

Patch 24.4.2 is a server-side hotfix patch scheduled for rollout today that includes the following game updates and bug fixes:

Battlegrounds Updates
Armor Tier Changes
The following heroes now get more Armor:
• Pyramad and The Great Akazamzarak are now Armor Tier 2 (2-5 Armor)
• Sylvanas is now Armor Tier 3 (3-6 Armor)

The following heroes now get less Armor:
• Bru’kan is now Armor Tier 2 (2-5 Armor)
• Chenvalaa and Tavish Stormpike are now Armor Tier 4 (4-7 Armor)

Quest Reward Changes
• Anima Bribe, Evil Twin, and Teal Tiger Sapphire are now slightly easier to earn.
• The Smoking Gun is now slightly harder to earn.

Arena Updates
• Chef Nomi, Spiritsinger Umbra, Magtheridon, Ozruk, The Voraxx, Rend Blackhand, King Togwaggle, and The Darkness can no longer be drafted.
• Sire Denathrius, Ysera the Dreamer, Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, and Deathwing the Destroyer will now appear less frequently in all drafts.
• Certain neutral cards will now appear less frequently in classes they have low synergy with.
• Card offering adjustments were made to make over-performing cards in Demon Hunter, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, and Warlock appear less frequently.
• Several card offering adjustments were made to give Druid and Warrior better average draft offerings.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Dew Process would trigger extra times after a Hero Card was played.
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Defense Attorney Nathanos would inherit the status of the Discovered Deathrattle minion (such as if the minion was Silenced before it died).
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Contract Conjurer’s cost reduction was not counting only Secrets in the Secret Zone.
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Murder Accusation would also trigger based on the enemy weapon being destroyed.
• [Various Modes] Fixed a bug with certain modes like Duels and Arena where players could get repeatedly matched against the same opponent more frequently than intended.


Another patch another lost opportunity to fix the bg pay to win farce. Oh well hearthstone stays uninstalled. So glad you so willingly ruin your game even though its pretty obvious what your customers think. Ive noticed its gotten quieter though. Trust me thats not due to them getting over it. Its due to people moving on to other games. When that happens you 9/10 times will never get that person back. I still hold on to hope, but im starting to just not care anymore. Its a waste if air to talk and hope a game i love gets fixed.


Agreed, I’m kind of embarrassed that I can’t just stop playing the game knowing I don’t like it or recommend it to people, it’s become a dirty secret I don’t talk about

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I did. Went from my daily game to uninstalled. Bloons td 6 and TFT have taken its place for now but its still not as fun as BGS. But im a very principal focused person. The hame unfortunately will stay uninstalled till that change is reverted. You cant suddenly charge money for the exact thing tyats been free for years. If you want to charge money make a new mode. Dont suddenly start chargeing for the same product after 2 years.

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And another missed opportunity to nerf murlocs. Balancing is optional

Hello Blizzard, would it finally possible to have a link where the armor tier is always up-to date ?
(and quest average dificulties & rewards too, for that matter)

That information is mandatory to play competively and it’s near impossible to find !

NB: Another solution would be to have armor tier info at the hero selection screen.

Would it be possible to have a page with an up-to-date Armor Tier List ?
(And quest average difficulties and rewards would be nice too).

Or have armor tier info appear at the hero selection screen.

That info is truly needed to play competitively and it seems near impossible to find !