24.4.1 Patch Notes

Patch 24.4.1 is a server-side hotfix scheduled for this afternoon that includes the following game updates and bug fixes:

Battlegrounds Changes
Armor Updates
• Bru’kan is now Armor Tier 3 (3-6 Armor).
• Deathwing, Lich Baz’hial, and Sneed are now Armor Tier 4 (4-7 Armor).
• Onyxia and Tavish Stormpike are now Armor Tier 5 (5-8 Armor).
• Aranna Starseeker, Greybough, and Guff Runetotem are now Armor Tier 6 (6-9 Armor).

Quest Reward Updates
• Teal Tiger Sapphire, Snicker Snacks, Yogg-tastic Tasties, Devils in the Details, Evil Twin, and Another Hidden Body have all been made slightly easier to earn.
• Stolen Gold, Ritual Dagger, Tiny Henchman, and Secret Sinstone have all been made slightly more difficult to earn.
• Stolen Gold will now be offered significantly less frequently.
• Mirror Shield is now banned in Murloc lobbies.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
• [Hearthstone] Updated Theft Accusation’s effect timing to match the text of the card (“after” instead of “whenever”).
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Theotar, the Mad Duke would cause crashes if the card swapped was a “Choose One” card.
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Parrrley would not enter the opponent’s deck if the card swapped was a hero card.

Update: This patch has now been deployed to all servers. All new logins will be playing on servers with this patch.


Idk if I might just have missed it, but the Onyxia’s Whelp priority get changed? normally, if the 4th minion dies, Onyxia summons her Whelp before a deathrattle would trigger, but earlier today it prioritized my sewer rats’ deathrattle which meant I lost out on 2-3 whelps each combat

The patch note is cool but could you put the previous armor tiers. It makes it difficult to understand the changes made.


George should also be banned in murloc lobbies, or have his hero power significantly adjusted.

Tarecgosa needs to be significantly adjusted as well.

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what about the mercenary quests awarding free legendary mercenary? they give skins even if you do not have all legendary mercenaries. and during last dump we got 2 legendary mercenaries free as well and we knew that we will get them.