24.4 Patch Notes

Damn. So that’s the content the runestones provided for BG. 1 Map and 1 returned hero. Guess you need some more money to hire more content creators.

another patch another day without reverting away from the pay to win in BGs. oh well guess time goes on with the game uninstalled. that being said id love to come back and play. but i am many others refuse till you take the P2W out of BGs

So going to update the Amazon app store… or is it just me?!

Imagine taking your car in to have a flat tire fixed and all they do is paint the car and ask you to pay them for it.

That’s what these recent patches have felt like.

Please adress the wild quest mages issue we really could use a nerf on Grey Sage Parrot => Repeat the last spell you casted that costs 6 or more.

Infinite turns on turn 5-6 is zero fun and zero interction possible vs quest mages.

A thank you from us competitive wild players when this needed change is made.