24.4 Known Issues

Having beaten the Sercet Cow (Heroic) a few times previously, I cannot say that this problem is present for me.

Oh, it’s just occurred to me: can one get the achievement by defeating the boss itself, but still losing the bounty? I’m not sure what the exact requirement there is… Might something like this have happened to you?

What is going on with the mercenary issue where legendary skins are rewarded instead of legendary mercs when completing storyline even though not full collection is present at that point?
(task 21 of old gods story and task 11 of Khadgar’s story)

Any comment from Blizzard representative?


Bug with dew process and cariel if you play cariel after druid play dew process the effect proc twice so you take too much damage when you have 0 card (draw 5 by 5 and not 3 by 3)

Might have been a “choose one” card, or specifically “flipper friends”? Seems to be a bug with it/them after Theotar:

Bug with theotar and Luna
When you play theo from right-nost position with luna on the table, he won’t swap cards

That’s not a bug. All “card draw” effects (for example “Casts When Drawn” cards or the Warlock weapon) don’t count a card as being “drawn” when it is burned.


I didn’t read through all the comments, but it isn’t listed in the known issues afaict.

Clownfish does not work properly with Ghost Light Angler’s echoes. Clownfish says it reduces the cost of the next 2 Murlocs played by 2 mana. After playing Clownfish, Ghost Light Angler is initially reduced correctly to 0 (since it costs 2 mana), but the following echo is only reduced by 1 mana. It should cost 0, but costs 1.

Just happened to me in a game playing Quest Murloc. I would have completed the Quest a turn earlier and might have won. Please fix! :pray:

Other issues I’ve been experiencing:

  • Charge isn’t working for N’Zoth minions, they spawn but then don’t attack anyone
  • Heroic bounties I’ve completed in Alterac and Onyxia’s Lair are now marked incomplete for some reason (I’ve beat all of them but now half of them don’t have a check mark anymore)
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Echoed copies of a card can’t cost less than (1), so that wasn’t a bug.

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I have a lot of heroic bounties not showing as completed anymore

Mercenaries: Khadgar’s bounty of “Give 70 health or attack to friendly mercs” doesn’t progress at all, despite however many times I use his Hearthfire skill.

EDIT: So the bug only occurs if I use Khadgar’s equipment that auto-upgrades Hearthfire. It’s working fine now.

In Battlegrounds: Rakanishu’s heropower does not work probably. It buffs the minions according to the minion’s tavern tier instead of the heroes tavern tier.

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Hi all!

first skill of N’zoth summons a minion but it doesn’t attack.

Playing on mobile.


Wow, lucky us. At this point, I’m kinda hoping the game dies, just so these clowns are out of a job.

Mercenary bugs:

1st Bwonsamdi on his “New Client” equipment seems to not be bring the Mercs with their equipment. Don’t know if it is intended or not.
2nd Bwonsamdi also on “irrefusable deal, the deal of time” seems to be swapping only the original value of speeds and not if they have been sped up in anyway. Such as a 6 speed that was sped up to 3 speed before the deal, is being swapped from 6 to 1 speed then the bonus speed is added on top of that making it 0. This makes it so Valeera and Vol’jin speed buffs happen after the swap.


They changed it a month ago to do exactly what you say. It’s working properly

Ok. It seems that there is indeed a problem with Theotar an “choose one” cards:

And what is the problem, putting aside the generally inappropriate tone and the rest of the post? For those who have opened a bunch of packs and missed Garona due to the bug (assuming they got the rest of the rare mercs, which should generally be the case; otherwise, one would still be getting other rare mercs, and that’s about it, no big deal), one more pack is bound to give either Garona or an even better merc (or a portrait) in terms of rarity, while two are highly likely to give the one they’ve missed, i.e. Garona, plus a little extra on top, so this is an adequate compensation.

I know Garona is only a rare merc. Still, giving players just 2 packs seems like a pathetic excuse for compensation, especially considering how worthless most Mercenary packs are in terms of value and the fact there isn’t a pity timer associated with them like with normal packs. They could’ve at least given players a rare portrait for their troubles, but I guess that would be too much to ask from such a greedy company.

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It seems like they basically gave people what they paid for (with gold, money, runestones or something else, matters not), with a little bonus on top (in the form of an extra pack) for the trouble, perhaps.

If people went on opening a lot of packs when the bug was present and opening packs was still allowed, they might have missed some chances to get golden portraits for Garona from packs. This, however, is tougher to estimate and, moreover, probably not worth the trouble, since rare portraits tend to accumulate from opening packs quickly enough anyway, and this reward would be essentially worth 50 mercenary coins in the long run. An extra pack is probably even better in the long run — and definitely easier to implement, which is fine from my perspective.