23.2.1 Patch Notes

Patch 23.2.1, a server-side hotfix patch available later today, includes several adjustments to Arena and bug fixes across game modes.

Arena Changes

Several micro-adjustments were made to the appearance frequency of certain class cards. Some overperforming Neutral cards have had their appearance frequency reduced.

Additionally, the following cards will no longer be able to be drafted:

  • Acidmaw
  • Am’gam Rager
  • Bolf Ramshield
  • Eerie Statue
  • Evolved Kobold
  • Frozen Mammoth
  • Helmet Hermit
  • Horn of Wrathion
  • Lock and Load
  • Nat, the Darkfisher
  • Naval Mine
  • Package Runner
  • Power Word: Glory
  • Silithid Swarmer

Developer Comment: This Arena season, the gulf between the best and worst performing classes has been particularly wide. To bring class win rates into an acceptable range, we are using a new form of card appearance frequency balancing. This method is still under development, but the team is rolling out a version now to address immediate issues. This method is a work in progress, and more adjustments will follow if this round falls short of our goals.

Additionally, we are removing some weak cards and low-performing synergy cards from Arena. We hope these changes reduce the number of draft picks with no good options. Long term, we want build-around cards and synergy decks to be viable strategies, but we need an Arena environment designed to support that goal. The team is exploring options now.

This is the start of a new era for Arena. Going forward, the team is committed to a planned balance update shortly after each Hearthstone content patch, plus additional balance updates as needed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing Call of the Grave and Nine Lives to stop fully functioning.
  • Fixed a bug on the website Card Library that prevented Spellcraft from appearing as a keyword.
  • Fixed the text error showing the Mercenaries N’Zoth event was ending within an hour.
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors when attempting certain Bounties.
  • Fixed a bug that caused inaccurate tracking of the sixth N’Zoth event Task. Now the Task will correctly be completed once you’ve triggered 10 Deathrattles during the Dragonbone Golem fight (note: the Task is to trigger all 10 Deathrattles during the boss fight, not throughout the entire Bounty).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Duels Treasure, Academic Research, to not give any mana crystals.
  • Fixed a bug causing a small number of players to see the “playful sprites” error message when attempting to login.

So… Gangplank Diver is still in? The most infuriating card in arena :expressionless:


It has probably had its appearance rate reduced. It’s hard to say, because they didn’t list which cards had their appearance rate changed for balance, just the ones removed for being useless

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N’zoth’s event task 6 still doesn’t count.

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Really cool that they want to balance arena once again. Fingers crossed we will also get a fix soon for the bob’s tavern in Uldum and Dalaran bug too.


Bob’s Tavern in Solo Adventures may or may not be fixed. I saw someone say that it was fixed in a reddit thread yesterday and tried it. On the MacOS client in the Americas region, Bob’s Tavern is open for business. It worked in Tombs of Terror, and I assume he’s fixed in all the other Solo Adventures.


From Matt London’s twitter:

Yes, you will still see Gangplank Diver, Knight-Captain, Mothership, Raid Boss Onyxia, and other powerhouses, but not as often.

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if true that’s cool. Didn’t bother to test because it’s not fun to get stuck.

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Yeah, I tried it last night and Bob was fine again.

I wonder what “later today” means as I still don’t have it on PC.

It’s a server-side patch. You won’t see it on your computer.

So i shouldn’t be bothered that the patch number on the launcher still says “23.2.0”?

do we have different opinion on what “today” is? the day is almost over on the east coast of the U.S.

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Is this Spellburst? Not sure

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Is it possible that they actually pinned the CURRENT PATCH NOTES?! What sorcery is this?!

I mean, the game is an unplayable mess in some areas…but at least we’re not in an under 20 patch anymore!


Can we talk about how if Tiny Toys rolls a gangplank diver it wakes up as a 6\4 and NOT a 2\2? Grumble

Fix 7 bugs. Leave 59 bugs in. Add 9 new bugs.

I do a appreciate the updates. Baby steps. Hope things get better.

It’s a BGs keyword. It’s a BGs keyword.

Is this Patch Live? I chose mage and i still saw a frozen mammoth pick.

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