23.2 Known Issues

Same issue on my EU/Americas servers accounts.

Can’t play the game at all, after playing the first darkshore bounty.
interestingly on my Americas account I did it once successfully then on the second attempt it bugged on the second battle…

Blizzard, how long will it take you to start TESTing PROPERLY your products? Fire all your testers and/or your developers, ffs… (This happened on PC if it matters)

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Same Issue For Me… I Clean Installed Both The Blizzard App…and Hearthstone Both… And Still Get Met With “Account Needs To Be Updated Please Restart Game”… I Dont Play On Mobile… Only On PC… Worked Fine Until This Update… Then Unable To Play Since… Please Fix Blizzard…Cause I Want To Play Your Game… But Your Game Wont Let Me…So Fix It


still not fixed softlock on new bounty?? what are you doing?

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  • [Updated 5/10]: The team is tracking reports of players getting locked out when trying to complete the new Mercenaries Bounties. The team will be temporarily disabling the Darkshore zone while this issue is resolved.

This will prevent new players bugging but what about those already affected, their clients are stuck?!..

there are player that can play on one region but not on another region so i think is wrong what blue said to reinstall the game , is just a waste of time.

Im curious , do you play on PC and on mobile ?
A guy on reddit posted that after updating on mobile, pc started working , not sure if a coincidence or if blizzard is fixing server side.


Completely stuck on “You were reconnected to your last game. resuming…” Nothing happens after this anymore


I have tried doing the N’Zoth event twice now in Mercenaries , and I keep loading into matches with a grey/slate colored board and no minions. My minions do not load, enemy minions do not load. If I concede the game, nothing happens. I can interact with my friends list still but I am stuck on this screen until I force close it.
UPDATE! i closed the game without conceding and now i can’t do anything in hearthstone. I am now stuck in the “reconnecting to last match” screen. I am stuck stuck.


im curious about this as well… but i dont play on mobile and i have this issue of “account needs updating please restart game”… through all the forums i have looked at… it seems if you have an older version on mobile it will cause an issue… but i dont use mobile nor have i ever used mobile to play this game… i have only ever used the blizzard app on windows 11 (10 before i upgraded a few months back) so im not sure how i can resolve this issue for myself… i think this is on them to figure out at this point.

On PC. Haven’t updated on mobile yet

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The team is working on it.


This is not acceptable at all, sure we expect bugs with every patch, but locking out players alltogether is not cool at all, if this is gonna continue in the future this game is in a really bad spot. Stop breaking our game and test things first! Not only the new BG stuff, EVERYTHING YOU IMPLEMENT SHOULD BE TESTED!

Small indie company indeed, clap clap clap


Thank you for your hard efforts for trying to fix your own game after you broke it yourselves but this deserves some compensation. Unacceptable by any means. Speaking as a person working in the IT field…


So when is the bugg fixed, so we aint locked out of the game anymore?

Unacceptable indeed, especially seeing how it is a timed event.


Suddenly, softlock has gone, but the reason which can make it still remains.

The “upgrade to golden” feature isn’t showing up for me. In fact, I can’t even craft any golden cards I don’t have at all (both boxes are just blank).


Yes, I was able to get back in and tried it again. This time I got through 2 fights before I had the issue…

Не могу пригласить друга поиграть в пати, и обновить игру на смартфоне

https:// imgur. com/a/sPcDobN
Seen anything like this? For me, that was the reason of softlock

UPD: Looks like the clownfish mob forces the game to softlock in general. Cause this time, it was shown right, and the game still softlocks

I love the game, that’s why i’m bummed. But one of these days i really need to learn not to take off time from work on patch day.