22.0 Patch Notes

Can we open our packs earlier like the past expansions?

And Diablo Achievements were not bugfixed… How long can this go on?

If you honestly thought there’d balance changes in this patch, you’re an idiot.

The balance changes we’re getting are a new expansion in one week. Not saying I expect the meta to get rocked super hard, but why on earth would you expect them to put out balance changes a week before new expansion?


This is cool and all, but Maestra of The Masquerade is still bugged, and I wish that was fixed. Its been awhile, and I would love to have a Maestra deck work soon.

honestly this event was extremely frustrating, i didn’t understand the intent of it.

What time the patch will be release?

Are there no new Mercenaries story missions for the new Bounties?

Well, the patch is out and the United in Stormwind achievements no longer award xp. I guess they just forgot to put that in the patch notes. That sucks. I played 16 hours of Hearthstone last week, the most I have ever played in a week, but one week is not enough to finish all of the achievements for the new cards, and with the release date of the mini-sets being so inconsistent, and announced mere days before it happens, it’s not like it make sense for me to just save up 2000g ahead of time. I did that this time; I had 2000g saved at the beginning of October when I would have expected the mini-set to release. That means I had 20 card packs less to work with when trying to ladder in September. When we were half-way through October and there was still no announcement, I wasn’t about to go another whole month with a 20 card pack disadvantage, so I went ahead and spent the gold and waited for the announcement.

I really enjoy playing this game, but sometimes the lack of communication and consistency is really frustrating. I understand that releases have to be delayed sometimes, but couldn’t we at least get some heads up? Couldn’t they have let us know in early September that the mini-set was going to be about a month late? Couldn’t they have told us exactly when these achievements would no longer award xp?

Thanks for nerfing Questline warrior !


Dear Blizzard team! Thank You for great work! Game is evolving and becoming more interesting and more exciting! Thank You for:

*new amazing card expansion and awesome chance to get Honor points from every game
*new battleground board
*new Mercenaries
*Trigore the Lasher (I love beasts and Trigore looks so cute when he was a baby and so strong nowadays)
*It will be also so wonderful if in game You will add some new beast mercenaries:

I’m waiting the 7 December to start playing and getting Honor points!!! Really want to go for victory and win!!!

Wish You a good luck and new creative ideas!!!

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I can’t figure out if you’re new, trolling or just working for Activizzard.

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So when are you nerfing the quests (Mage and Warlock)? And when are you gona nerf pirate warrior?
Ignite also need a cost increase. Right now it is stupid as hell.

They are not nerfing them and anyone buying the new expansion that expects for games to get to turn 8/9 is going to very disappointed.


the leftover coins are not exchanged in mercenary. This is killing the mode

Will there be a Prerelease?

You know something is terribly wrong in Standard when even Warriors are looking to end the game on turn 6.

An indicator for maxed Mysterious Stranger Mercenaries would have been nice.

Ok this patch brought some interesting bugs. Was playing duel frost mage and suddenly after i choose my second passive treasure Ring of Black Ice i got legendary weapon passive treasure as gift. Basically i had three passive treasures.

When you get the passive treasure Imp-credible Trousers as demon hunter. It says “After you cast a Fel spell, shuffle 2 Fel Rifts into your deck” . The cards are always on the top. So i always do one fel spell in first run so that i can get 2 3-3 minion on turn two and keep doing this so i have always free minion on deck. No fun if you play against it.

So… do the devs not realize that there is no in-game explanation as to what Honor is for, how to get it, why it’s important… anything? There’s no info and I had to go to Google just to figure out why I was getting quests for some unknown currency lol.

Also… does this include Battlegrounds wins? Once again, there’s almost zero information.

Could you people at the very least let honor and achievements be able for completion / progress in casual mode? Having realized that you will never properly balance cards; I pretty much abandoned Standard for Casual - Now I only meet quest warrior each 4-5th game as opposed to each second and I sometimes face decks that are meme material in the same way I play some meme material decks. But not being able to complete achievements or get the honor you just recently added is just a slap to the face…

PLEASE just let us complete Achievements and other similar activities in casual mode if you plan on not balancing the meta.