22.0 hot fix dust refunds

On another note, the team has decided to extend the start-of-rewards-track refund logic to also apply to Vanndar and Drek’Thar. Although these cards do not meet the circumstances we normally use to apply refund logic, we have heard your feedback that an exception in this instance will make for a better play experience for many players. The decision to add this refund logic was finalized after this hotfix was put together, so the refund period has not been enabled yet. We will update our messaging once that refund period has started. After that refund period goes live, players who already disenchanted Drek’Thar or Vanndar will automatically receive additional dust to make up for not receiving full value.

Resumes Korrak’s full refund period that was unintentionally cut short. The refund period will continue until December 18.


Where did they say this? Saw this and some changes for mercs, but I can’t find the hotifx notes.

click link and scroll to bottom of the primary post to 12/10