22.0 Known Issues

reconnecting from phone to computer helped me. thanks

I can restart the game with success now. But the problem is that it wont let me complete mercenary bounties. It gets stuck on the boss every time.
It starts the battle but never lets me select an attack.


So is it a feature that I am getting coins that are for a hero that doesn’t exist instead of coins for heroes that do exist?

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What non-existent mercenary are you getting coins for? Now, you can get coins for mercs who exist but you don’t own. This is perfectly useful, since you can use those coins to craft the merc himself–it takes 100 coins for a rare merc, 300 for an epic merc and 500 for legendary merc.

Just slipping in to say that I am happy to see recent improvements to the communication here in the Bug Report forum.
I have in the past been plenty critical when I was unhappy with how things were going, so I think it’s fair to also let you know that I am happy to see the current better state of affairs!


Didn’t work, can log in on PC but phones just continues to show loading screen

I dont know if its only me or if it was only intended for season 1 of mercenaries, but the pvp with the ia its removed, and now it takes around 5-8 mins for me to get into a battle

This morning, I was able to check my rewards from the beginning of the month.
But I didn’t received any cards or packets.
I was rank 2 Diamond :cry:

Note that your packs will be Alterac Valley packs. If you preordered, they’re stacked with your preorder packs. In any case, you can’t open them until the seventh. I don’t have a ready explanation for your missing cards.

I can’t complete training in the “Mercenaries” mode. In the battle with the Hogger, I have only two mercenaries available, which makes it impossible to defeat him (By the way, I didn’t get Cariel Roame). It is also impossible to upgrade these mercenaries, because packs cannot be bought or opened.

Thanks, Indeed it’s added at my preorder packs.
May be cards are also from Alterac Valley and will be add the 7th?

essayer de corriger lacarte Dr Boum savant fou qui est totalement buggé qui fais planter le jeu lors de son utilisation/ try to fix the Mad Scientist Dr. Boom card that is totally buggy that crashes the game when using it

Thanks, the team is aware and looking into it.

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It seems like some hero’s hero power are missing sound effects. I noticed it with Steel Guardian Malfurion, and the new Celeste hero’s hero power also doesn’t have any sound to it. Could you please look into that?


The same bug has happened to me three times today where I play the card Dr Boom mad genius my game disconnects and then won’t connect again and I’m locked out of getting back in, not great with a warrior mech deck :worried:

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Big issue with Mirror Image. Copied the SECOND minion I played, which happened to be a taunt, and lost the game because of it.

Uh, Mirror Image doesn’t copy anything. Perhaps you meant Mirror Entity? Mirror Entity copies only minions your opponent plays. If the first minion was summoned by some means other than playing a minion card, Mirror Entity won’t trigger. By way of example, Mirror Image won’t trigger Mirror Entity.

Piercing shot is not working as it should with at the interaction with Mo’arg Artificier. When I played to the enemy minion that had 3 lives, with the mo’arg in play. The piercing shot only did 3 damage to the enemy hero, it should be 9 damage because it sais that makes damages and then the rest is given to the enemy hero… Do to that i lost a game vs an ally… The Horde should have a compensation for this!!! xD

No, that’s not how it works. What happens is the game says “I’m doing six damage. I detemine what lethal damage is by looking at the target’s remaining life. It has three. So I do three to it and three to the hero. Now, there’s a Mo’arg Artificer in play. So I do double damage to the minion. It gets six damage. Mo’arg Artificer doesn’t change damage to the hero, so he still gets three. Final result: Minion takes six damage, hero takes three.” Works the same way other times as well–a Piercing Shot against an undamaged Moonfang will do three to the Moonfang and three to the hero. The three to the Moonfang gets reduced to one and doesn’t kill him, but the hero still takes three damage.

Sometimes, at the hero choose in Battlegrounds the heroes dont come. They are stuck in the part of the deck and its impossible to choose. After this the game dont start. I had this bug in smarthphone and pc.