20.8 Patch Notes

20.8 Patch Notes

Major updates for Battlegrounds and Duels are included, along with pre-purchase for United in Stormwind!

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“Huge Battlegrounds update! But we’re not actually going to tell you about it until after you lose your first round or 2, then make you exit the app and Google search for the changes.”

Can we please have these HUGE updates displayed (or even announced) in game? You display card changes for the main game on the main screen, and you won’t let me continue until I acknowledge the changes. Something like this for Battlegrounds would be amazing.

Mobile players don’t even open the Blizzard client, so we have zero ways of knowing about an update until after we lose a few rounds and discover something is different.


Big patch but it was a patch that was needed

:white_heart:P O G :white_heart:

except the part where you very clearly see that your game is downloading a major patch, that might make you think “hmm, i wonder what changes are done in the patch?”


I just love BGs updates, and just bought both bundles for the new expansion xD

could we patch it so I always get my gold when I win.

With all the cosmetic card backs & hero skins, & now BG’s I need my gold.

Finnly golden core set cards in arena bug fixed it was making me crazy i had all cards golden but not those thanks!

I don’t play BG and mainly use PC for HS, so you know I’m not being biased when I say that you have a valid point.

Great patch to BG and Duels, however since the last patch my BG and Duels games are lagging/stuttering heavily on iPad Air 3. Gen. Duels even more than BG and sometimes I can’t even target anything because everything laggs. Had no issues prior to this patch.
Constructed is fine with almost no lags or stuttering.

!!! Major bug !!! golden boom bot, in conjuncture with Baron Rivendare, DOES NOT DOUBLE TRIGGER


The old image of “Express Delivery” in the Japanese version 20.8 patch note was the same as the new image.